How do to be productive in the age of infinite distractions?

Charlotte Miller

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There are the sorts of tips and tricks for how to do productivity. Still, a few of them touches on what I believe to be the more significant challenge of our lives: Doing the best creative work.

The challenge is the biggest we face related to focus is not distractions. Still, instead, it is our lack of clarity.

Defining Meaningful Productivity:

Here, productivity tends to be measured by how we use our task well management system, how our calendar app is organizing, how we can blaze through a pile of emails faster, and how smoothly we flow from one meeting to another. But, these standards are not measuring our productivity but preferably how efficient we are at administrative tasks.

The metrics we use once again to measure productivity have turned against us. It skews towards rewarding effective busywork while giving little dignity to meaningful work. Let’s see how the SaaS subscription works.

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Distractions Kill Deep Work:

You have to make sure that you take your deep work time very seriously because the biggest killer of productivity is distractions. These come in several forms: dings, swooshes, red circles with numbers in them, phone, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn! You get the point. Thus, the only way to approach will work if you can force yourself to limit distractions to zero before you hit a break or are doing with your deep work time. 

It’s easy to obstruct any task by checking on whatever jumped up from the bottom of the screen. Before you know it, 30 minutes of the day has come and gone, and you’re no further than you were before.

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Step-1: Start-of-day Routine:

Get into a routine of doing something in the morning that will allow you to focus throughout the rest of the day, such as working out, meditation, yoga, a bike ride. Any of these will help to start the day with a clear head.

Step-2: Plan Your Day:

Plan out the entire day, and do the best to stick to it. However, you want to do this at the end of the previous day, every day. Since the schedules frequently change throughout the week. Try to plan out the entire week will result in a lot of scratching things out. Naturally, things will come up, but I have made sure that my team is aware not to schedule day-of meetings unless it is an emergency.  And make sure if they do schedule an appointment, it’s right before or after a scheduled one versus breaking up my day already in the middle for convenience. It is about my deep work time, don’t mess with it!

Step-3: Include Long Stretches:

Draw out the blocks you have for your deep work time. Make sure when planning the day to give yourself as many long periods sustained without distraction by turning everything OFF or “do not disturb” mode. If you are answering emails or browsing the web, that’s schematic work, and you want to limit that as much as possible. You make sure to plan it for the very beginning or end of the day. 

It takes a ramp-up time to get into deep work mode, keep in mind. Here, a 30 min or even 60 min block of time between meetings or lunch can’t make sense for deep work to set aside. Thus, the step notably will be the hardest but will be well worth it in the end. I can expect a couple of weeks to get used to following through with the day plan, and you make sure to avoid distractions. Still, this will not work if you can’t avoid distractions.

Step-4: Learn Something New:

It allows you to get the work done faster.

It helps you to feel more accomplished at the end of each day.

It would help if you built up that ‘muscle’ to allow for more and more deep work hours overtime.

Step-5: End-of-day Ritual:

You need to plan out my next day (in my notebook).

You have to answer any remaining emails or calls.

You can take note of any new todos or carry over incomplete ones.

You must tally the number of deep work hours I was able to log in.

Stop thinking about work, period.