Choosing the Ideal Boat Tint Solution

Charlotte Miller

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Multiple boating hotspots in the country can offer unlimited series of waterways and some most beautiful beaches. However, the heat of the sun in the summer season gets on peak and it can be too hot for you and your boat. So, for that, you need the protection of the boat window tint. But keep in mind that you can use just any boat tint. No! You need the one which is high quality as you do not want to invest in tinting again and again so going for a reliable one is the first thing. Also, high quality saves you by giving you protection from the sun and also to your boat so that it cannot get damaged.

Know All Tinting Options

Before purchasing and setting up a boat window tint, you need to get prepared for a couple of things. First, you need to know all your options in tinting and secondly, you need to know how to tint boat windows. If you have questions about both these questions, you will definitely get the best. So, understanding all possible tint options, their features, the types, their advantages, disadvantages, and also their aesthetics. By knowing all these, you can set up your preferences and choose the one that your boat needs.

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High Quality vs. Average Quality Boat Tint

The ideal boat tint in heated areas needs to be tough and reliable. It definitely should last longer and cannot be damaged easily due to the harsh weather conditions that can come up in the open waters. Whereas, the average window tint is not as good as the high-quality one because it can seem less expensive at first but will not be worth buying.

Step by Step Guide on How to Tint Boat Windows

You also need to know how to tint boat windows in a smooth way. So, now will be going through this. It is obvious that with the tinted windows, you will be more protected as it will help to filter out the UV light from the sun.

Tinting boat windows need practice and there are some more factors including accuracy, precision, and perseverance that need to be applied for perfectly setting up windows tint on your boat.

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  1. Collect Materials needed for Applying Window Tint

First look for the tint that is best for your boat. If you dock too many ports, use the mirror tint. For an artistic view, you can select the etched design. Color tinting can go with the color scheme of the boat and the fade to mirror the type of tint can bring more elegance and attraction to your boat. You need a washing soap, sponges, knives, spray bottle, blow dryer, and a straight razor.

  1. Go through the Process of Removing Residue of Dirt

The first step is to cut the window tint film for window shape and size. Cut it on a glass boat and keep it aside. Then, go for washing the window by spraying soapy water on the inner side of the window. Wipe it down with the sponge and clean all the dirt and dust.

  1. Apply the Window Tint Film

The next step is to apply the tint. Keep it slow as it will prevent the air bubble to form under the tint. Be sure to be patient and apply the tint in a smooth way. Use a bone tool for smoothing the edges as well. Use window tint to heat the tint. This will help to remove any moisture from the tint.

Tinting Types and Durability

You need to gather the information about the tint types, their benefits, and their durability. There are three major types of boat tint films to choose from:

  •         Carbon Film – It is the tint with the matte effect but it is less expensive. It is a good UV blocker and has 40% heat repulsion.
  •         Ceramic Film – It barricades 99% UV and it is durable among all. It can block the UV but it is much expensive and not affordable for most.
  •         Metallic Film – It is metal shine and good for UV and heat. It invades the radio transmission that can help you in navigation.

Final Words

Once you decide to tint your boat, cleaning procedures and proper care are essential. Avoid brushing and hard rubbing as it can leave unwanted scratches and the tint can fade and peel faster. Window tint will not only make your boat look classy and cool but it will also be an armor from the harsh weather conditions and impurities.