Here’s Where to Find the Best Weighted Blankets

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Want a little secret on one of the coolest trends going around right now?

Weighted blankets have become all the rage lately and we are honestly so surprised it has taken this long for weighted blankets to get their proper time in the sun! Weighted blankets are designed to help provide you with the ultimate level of comfort and with the help of a little extra weight, can enhance both your physical and mental wellbeing.

These blankets are able to do their magic as a result of helping your body enhance the amount of serotonin, which is responsible for making you feel happy and calm. So while most of us thought that blankets were best for providing warmth, when weighted, they can also help us sleep better and feel less restless!

No wonder so many people are getting a weighted blanket for their home! Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning feeling fully refreshed after getting a solid night’s sleep?

So this leaves you with really one last step, which is to actually get yourself one of these amazing things! To help you in finding the perfect weighted blanket, we’ve outlined the best places to find your new favorite thing to cuddle up under!

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  1. The overall best-weighted blanket

The Luna weighted blanked has got to be one of the best-weighted blankets around. The quality is top-notch, the price point is affordable and the results are profound! Because of their conscious effort to ensure that the blanket maximizes the best results for both physical and mental wellbeing, it is the go-to weighted blanket in our books.

  1. The weighted blanket aimed at gravity

The gravity-weighted blanked is a very structured-looking blanket with grid-like patterns on the fabric that also has a fleece cover. The great thing about this weighted blanket is that it is super easy to wash so you can never use this one too much!

  1. The weighted blanket made of natural fibers

For those that want to be comforted by natural material, this weighted blanket is one of the best you can get. Made from natural fibers and filled with glass beads, the pressure to comfort ratio is perfected in this blanket. Plus, knowing that all the materials used are ethically sourced adds a whole new layer to comfort as well.

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  1. The weighted blanket made for your body weight

The golden rule of thumb for weighted blankets is that you want the extra weight to be around ten percent of your actual body weight. There are weighted blankets that are designed specifically for you and your body type. This means that you can get is customized just for you to ensure you get the optimal amount of comfort and benefits.

  1. The weighted blanket made for a king

Have a king-size bed? The great news is that there are weighted blankets made specifically for king-sized beds! This means that no matter what part of the mattress you end up on, you will still get the best level of comfort and compression when you are dozing off at night.

  1. The weighted blanket that is layered

Summertime is warm, so you don’t need to melt away under a weighted blanket at night. That is why if you live in an area with seasonal temperatures, you can get a layered one that comes with multiple duvet covers, allowing you to pick the right one for the right time of year.

With so many great options to choose from for your weighted blanket, you will be able to find the right one for you that will enhance your life and overall wellbeing!