How to Write Press Releases for Small Businesses

Charlotte Miller

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Is your small business not getting any media coverage? Despite your marketing efforts on social media and blogs, you need to write press releases for your company to be seen.

This is a proven digital marketing strategy that sends a surge of new customers to propel your business to the next level. Here is how you can write on the best free press release sites with interesting topics to catch a reporter’s eye.

Newsworthy Angles to Write Press Releases

Even the most well-written and personalized press release will not succeed if your story is dull. Think about the type of articles you love reading in the news. The ones with catchy storylines and angles are probably the ones that catch your attention the most.

That is the same strategy you need to use for your press release format to engage readers. Check out this Johan Marthinus ABSA story for some inspiration on how to pull off a sensational press release.

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Craft the Most Appealing Headlines

Your headlines for all press release topics should be compelling and concise. You need to use this strategically to grab a reader’s attention. Headlines do not need to be “clickbait,” but they should be exciting to get someone to stop scrolling through all the other content just to stop and read yours.

Then you need to satisfy people’s hunger for content enough that they share your link with their friends to boost your web presence.

Use Subtitles to Summarize Story

Under your heading, you need to summarize the entire content of your press release in a single sentence. This gives readers a snapshot of what is to come. Many people read and scan things in a hurry and do not have time to comb through every article they see.

However, if you have a riveting heading and subtitle, this can get someone to drop everything else to pay attention to your story.

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Introduce Important Information

Always start your press release format with your company’s state and city, followed by the date the story is written. Then your opening paragraph should answer all the essential questions. These would be racing through a reader’s mind, such as “who,” “what,” “where,” “why,” and “when.”

This will also grab a reporter’s interest because they can capture the entire story from the material sent by you instead of having to interview and dig further for more information.

Lead Into Next Steps

As your conclusion paragraph, you need to summarize the entire story and include a call to action. When you have successfully gotten a reader’s and reporter’s attention, keep reminding them who you are and what you do. This is your chance to promote your small business, so do not get lost in all the digital noise.

End With a Boilerplate

This is a section in the end where you provide an overview and brief background about your company. Your contact information, including a phone number, email address, and website link, should be clearly mentioned in this section at the bottom of your press release.

Get Your Press Release Team Ready Today

If you want to write press releases successfully, this requires a sustained effort for successful publicity. When you get the buzz, going if people share your stories on digital channels, you will need to write more content to ride the wave.

This is where you can also promote additional products and services you offer, which is why press releases are most beneficial for small companies to get the word out. If you enjoyed reading this guide, check out some of our other posts for more marketing tips.