Top 10 Granny Flats You Can Find Online

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Top 10 Granny Flats You Can Find Online

Granny flats make a beautiful addition to any property. Many people get them built so their elderly relatives have a place to call their own, but are still nearby loved ones they trust when they need assistance. Some people even add them to their property to have a nice guest house for their company to stay in.

Getting a granny flat has never been easier. Now people can find adorable granny flats online. Here are the top 10 granny flats online:

#1: 468 Sq Ft, 1 Bedroom ADU Perfect for Your Backyard Space | Resources ( 

This adorable cottage was designed to have all the amenities needed for one person in a 468 square foot space. While it may look small on the outside, this cozy cottage has all the space a person needs to feel comfortable. Along with a full kitchen and bathroom, this space also features a washer and dryer.

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#2: Custom craftsman for multi-generational family in Los Altos | Resources ( 

This granny flat was designed to give the same space and accommodations one would have in a luxury 1 bedroom apartment. It features a master bedroom, living area, and full kitchen with an island for entertaining. It also features a full bathroom and plenty of extra storage space.

#3: Granny Flats | Armstrong Trailers 

Granny flats are intended to be mobile and not a permanent part of the property. These granny flats are designed so they can be moved if you decided to move to another property. They are very easy to set up and take down.

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#4: Glamping Unit 1 | Buy Mobile Houses | Granny Flat USA Listing 

This unique granny flat has a rustic interior, which gives it cozy cottage vibes. While it does look like a smaller space, it is a comfortable one. There is a spacious bedroom and living area, but visitors may need to use the main house for bathroom and kitchen amenities. 

#5: The Maywood – Granny Flat – Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. ( 

This 600 square foot granny flat looks just like a miniature version of a real house. It features a full bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living space. To make it even better, this granny flat has an adorable patio to build a garden around.

#6: Portola – Granny Flat – Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. ( 

This 900 square foot granny flat is one of the more spacious ones. It has 2 bedrooms and all the amenities (excluding laundry) for comfortable living. The outdoor patio makes it look like a real house.

#7: Newport – Granny Flat – Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. ( 

This sunny yellow granny flat has everything a person needs for comfortable living. It features:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Full kitchen
  • Full bathroom
  • Living area
  • Covered porch

#8: BOXABL – Affordable Accessory Dwelling Units ; Granny Flats 

This company allows customers to reserve the granny flat and features they want, then have it delivered to their home. They can choose from kitchen, bathroom, and living space features to get exactly what they want.

#9: Cabin Style House Plan – 1 Beds 1 Baths 500 Sq/Ft Plan #924-7 – 

This 500 square foot space is perfect for one and has a unique modern design. The main areas of the granny flat are attached to a covered porch, allowing people to appreciate the outdoor scenery.

#10: Cottage Style House Plan – 1 Beds 1 Baths 624 Sq/Ft Plan #126-178 – 

This charming granny flat provides a luxurious space for one person to live. It has a spacious living area, a full kitchen and bathroom, and an inviting covered porch. While it may only be 624 square feet, there is plenty of room in this small flat.

Final Thoughts:

When you need more room for people to stay at your property but also want to keep your space, granny flats are the way to go. These are some of the most adorable granny flats that can be bought online.