Here are 5 Features to make your texts and emails more colorful and personalised

Charlotte Miller

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We all are tired of using boring Keyboards. Our own default keyboards contain very less features that make our text even more boring and less engaging. We all are now shifting towards being much more colorful and personalized rather than being normal. But does your keyboard support your creativity? If it doesn’t then let’s promise to shift towards much more fun and colorful conversations or even emails.

In this article, we will discuss five main features that will make your conversations in the form of emails as well as text much more colorful and personalized-

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Here are the exciting list of features you don’t want to mess-

1)    Changing of fonts- while you are having a professional conversation on the messenger app or even while you’re sending emails you need to send your messages in a good and formal way with a nice. Setting a nice font creates a good impression. Let’s move on to the informal conversations, when you are having an informal conversation you can send funky and funny fonts to your friends and have fun-filled communication that lifts up your moods positively. There are so many fonts provided by the keyboard that it is hard to choose one.

2)    Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, etc- emoji GIF stickers make your conversation much more colorful and happier. In this way, you are able to express your feelings and emotions to your friends and family. One should make good use of these features because these features always support your moods and make you sound more friendly rather than being rude. While you are advertising for something through emails you can use emoticons too and attract your potential customers.

3)    BigMojis- The very new discovery by the Hindi keyboard apps is the BigMojis. BigMojis are nothing but small normal emojis in a large form. When you send BigMojis to your close friends, they might feel happy and surprised at the same time because not many people know about it, and this way they can also use the BigMojis and have a conversation like never before. Install the best ever keyboard now to feel the fun.

4)    Google translation- you know you can make conversations better by making others happy and by making others happy we mean that people all over the world can have a conversation in their own regional language. You can send text in their language and make them happy with your flow of conversations and brighten their moods. Be it emails or chats the Google translation feature rock everywhere and it makes everyone happy with its accuracy.

5)    Sending jokes, Shayaris, Movie Quotes- You can also make conversations much more happening and colorful by sending jokes and shayaris or even movie quotes in chats. Emails can be made colorful too but only when you are advertising for something in an informal and creative way.

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These were some of the features that you’ll love to use when you download Hindi Keyboard. Download the Keyboard now and see the changes in your way of conversations.