Conversion Optimization Tips for Your E-Commerce Site

Charlotte Miller

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It is no surprise that e-commerce sites have a laser-beam focus on conversion optimization and strive to derive the best out of it. 

It is the ratio of transactions to user sessions and is often denoted by a certain percentage. 

While e-commerce sites want to push the conversion button desperately, here, we have come up with eleven such great conversion optimization tips to help you do wonders. Let us get started.
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Table of Contents

  1. Optimize your Website’s Design
  2. Test everything, always
  3. Make it convenient to use
  4. Make it easy to leave too
  5. Improve the Store’s Security
  6. Set the Right Price
  7. Free shipping
  8. State your return and refund policies
  9. Put up your Address and Phone Number on your Website
  10. Talk to your Users
  11. Add authentic Trust Badges on the site

Optimize your Website’s Design

Funnily enough, as the adage goes, ‘It’s always looks over talent’, holds for your customers too. If they don’t like what they see, they might take a backseat from purchasing from your brand. 

So instead, augment your site’s appearance, user experience and make it look more enticing. 

This is what lures a customer in. And this can happen only then when they like your presence and are comfortable to browse you more. Therefore, try to optimize it at the earliest.

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Test everything, always

It cuts a very sorry impression when your customers want to search for a particular product and see the lick broken. 

Why would they want to spend a second extra and not hope on to another site? That is why conduct user testing now and then. Invest in testing tools and see if you have any broken links or pages. 

It is no fun and games to browse a site that has broken stuff. Hence, you must test everything before you are all set to go live.

Make it convenient to use

Your site should not be too difficult to use. The navigation involved should be seamless and smooth as butter. Your site must be user-friendly, and the interface should be intuitive too. 

This is what will make a customer want you more. Render a multitude of payment options too. Note that they want to see an online shopping experience that is fun and not frustrating.

Make it easy to leave too

No one likes to see a tiring checkout process. Ensure that your checkout procedure is not making it too hard for the customer to leave. If they have decided to leave, then accept their choice. 

On that note, ask your customers for feedback and make the necessary tweaks as and when required. Too long, or too complicated, or too many questions, too, should be avoided at all costs.

Improve the Store’s Security

It is a given that your business thrives on the trust of your customers. Maintain that by Purchase SSL certificate for your site and show them that trust with that green padlock at the top of the URL. 

This will signify that their personal data and transactions stay safe, protected, encrypted, and cannot be hacked by cybercriminals in any way. As a customer who wants to do business with you, they need to trust you first.

Set the Right Price

In any given business, know what your prices should be at. It should not be too expensive, because that would scare the customers away. At the same time, it should not be too less; that way, you will not be able to drive profits. 

Study your current market research and see what your current stance in the market is. Then, recognize the way that will work out best for you and your customers as well.

Free shipping

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to see a product with free shipping?  It is a great way to lead more sales and entices people to buy more from you. This way, you ensure that the customers would not leave you for a very high shipping fee.

State your return and refund policies

Please do not give the users a chance to complain because they cannot return an item. There are serious chances that a customer would not want to revert to you again. 

That is where stating your return or refund policies can become useful. When a customer finds out that they can return a product, they tend to trust you more, which give them scope for relief.

Put up your Address and Phone Number on your Website

What benefit will you get if your customer cannot reach out to you or contact you? Make it a point to add your address, phone number, email address, and other contact credentials, either as the footer or header of your home page, or establish a separate page just for your contacts. 

If your customers want to get some clarity about the usage of your product, they should know where to find you without having to break their heads.

Talk to your Users

As mentioned, the more your customers can contact you, the easier it becomes to talk to them and win their trust. Talk to them about what they like and dislike about your brand. Solicit their feedback and know how you can improve. 

Further, you can deploy other social media channels and allow customers to discuss matters in your online brand community. This, too, will help to grow your base and let them stick around with you for some more time.

Add authentic Trust Badges on the site

To let your customers know that your site is legitimate you must employ a trust badge. A trust badge is a logo or symbol that stands testimony to your customers that they can trust you with their PII (Personally Identifiable Information). 

For small businesses, payment trust seals can be the distinguishing factor for brands that are yet to establish their names in the marketplace like Amazon, etc. 

That’s a Wrap 

Hopefully, these conversion optimization tips will help your e-commerce site shine bright. The success and happiness of your customer equal your happiness. 

Hence, make it a point to practice these 11 pointers discussed above and let them stick around with you. 

They will help you immensely and will be enough to get some serious conversions down the line. Soon, you will see a hike in customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty scores as well