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Meta Description: Eating leafy green vegetables is one of the ways to start a healthy diet. Home grown vegetables are far more better than those in stores. Here is a guide to help you choose the right LED plant grow light to grow fresh food indoor. 

Benefits of a healthy diet and growing veggies yourselves

WEEGrow believe a healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. Reduction in the dietary intake of salt and sugars is mostly mentioned when it comes to a healthy diet. Too much salt and sugar may cause chronic diseases and increasing risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. But in addition to consuming less salt and sugar, eating fresh vegetables is another way to go.

Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet. Eating fresh green vegetables is helpful to improve your health and provide you with fibre, vitamins, and plenty of antioxidants. 

Ask where to get fresh vegetables? Instead of telling you to go to grocery stores, most home growers will tell you to try growing them yourselves. They believe homegrown produce are far more better than the vegetables and fruits bought from the grocery. And they are right!

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Growing your own veggies has many advantages: 

  • You will get healthy vegetables that taste better. Ripen crops have more nutrients and taste better than those picked early. Growing your own veggies allows you to enjoy a healthy diet with fresh vegetables and appreciate the beauty of good food.
  • You can control what fertilizers to be used and can make sure no chemical pesticides will be added to your veggies. There is always an organic way to solve it. You will be able to make sure every step is good for health when growing food yourselves.
  • Growing vegetables yourself will also save money at the grocery store. Especially for salad lovers. Lettuce and tomatoes are easy to raise and harvest. Definitely home gardening will help you save more money!
  • Growing food is a fun activity that all your family members can join. Planting seeds or watering vegetables teaches children about nature and how do the vegetables grow. Growing food together is a great way to help family get closer. 

To get started, you may need to prepare a pot, soil, seeds, water and light in advance. 

Fill nine-tenth of the pot with soil, sow the seeds, or if you would like to harvest it faster, plant vegetable shoots, and give them enough water. The last step is to provide them with enough light.

Some may encounter that it’s hard for them to provide enough light to their plants. Indeed. Though making salad with homegrown lettuce or pick a spring of mint from your garden to decorate a cake or make a glass of lemon tea would be much inspiring, how can we start our growing life if we don’t have a yard? Few people in urban city have a large space for planting, let alone a yard as a garden. But luckily, modern technologies help people get tools–LED full spectrum planting light to grow vegetables indoor. In the next part, we are going to talk about how to grow veggies indoor with different types of plant grow lights.

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Select the right type of grow light for your plant

It can be said that, with right tools at hand, anywhere in your home can be a place when you can plant– balcony, kitchen, and even your living room. What you need to do is just choosing the right kits and vegetable varieties according to the planting scale.  

If you are a new grower, leafy salad greens like kale or lettuce will be a perfect starter. 

They don’t need a large space to grow. And full spectrum grow light bulbs or clip on grow light would be a good choice of a light source . You can place the plants in the living room or in the kitchen. Install a pendant light fixture and screw the full spectrum plant grow light bulb over the plant. If there is no extra space in the kitchen to install a pendant light fixture, you can turn to clip on grow light. As an example, WEEGrow clip on LED grow light: can stand on any surface or clip on edges. Bendable gooseneck and convenient and strong clip offers you more options in locating the plants. You can also put the plants in a cart. WEEGrow grow light strip: can be attached to the surface of a cart, giving your planting zone a cleaner look. Isn’t it cool to create a movable garden at home? 

If you are already an advanced player in vegetable cultivation, you will certainly not be satisfied with the small-scale planting above. For large-scale planting, you can get a growing tent or a shelf to grow your veggies. In this case, WEEGrow quantum board grow light or stretchable grow light would definitely be the answer.  

WEEGrow is dedicated to help every home grower get started easily. With WEEGrow led grow lights, you don’t need a lot of gardening experience to become a perfect grower.