Everything you need to know before repairing a rusty leaking roof in Brisbane

Charlotte Miller

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We generally focus on the aesthetics of the house but overlook the roof, which acts as a barrier against exterior weather. The roof requires extra maintenance because it is exposed to various climatic conditions. As the rainy season arrives, we experience cracks in the wall, leakage, unpleasant odour. Also, if there is a leak in the roof, it can cause mold, mildew which can damage your house. 

The first step while doing effective leaking roof repair is finding the exact spot where the water is coming from. However, it isn’t easy to find the spot, especially when it has been leaking for a long time. So, you might prefer calling a professional roofing company to get it done. Read further for a useful guide before repairing a rusty leaking roof.

Signs of leakage

Do you know? Even over a short period of time, leakage can cause a lot. If you repeatedly ignore the seriousness of leakage, the repair process can be expensive. Keep reading further to know early signs for saving the damage in its initial stage. 

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Dripping water

One ringing alarm is dripping water inside your home. By the time you experience drip, it has been in existence and causing damage for several months. A leaky roof can damage plaster and paint on outer walls. The plaster usually expands, and the paint starts to peel off.

  • Watermarks

If you tend to ignore this alert sign, it can cause more damage. People have experienced gushing water from cracks that were overlooked repeatedly. The watermark is not just a mark, the area where the mark appears loses its grip and tiles break out due to high pressure, which allows direct passage to water. 

  • Missing roof tile

Missing tiles is also a major sign, which can likely cause a leaking roof in future. Whether it’s due to rainstorms or strong winds, if you figure out a missing tile, try to replace it with a new tile quickly. Unfortunately, this can also provide passage to water or the roof might start dripping.

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  • Sagging roof

A sagging roof is an indicator of a leaky roof. Leakage in the roof damages flashing and shingles which can result in the roof collapsing. The roof is exposed to wind, rain, and snow. Over the period, these elements can cause leakage problems and ultimately result in a sagging roof.   

How to repair it

There are two ways you can repair your damaged sealing, Manually or through an expert. But before moving forward, it is important to have a full inspection regarding the severity of damage and the spot which require extra assistance. 

  • Manually 

Few repairs can be done manually at home. If there is minimal leakage, look out for symptoms of mold, black spots, or any water leakage strain. Generally, leakage is exactly above where strain is spotted. After detecting the issue, climb up and look for a root cause. While inspecting, keep yourself safe as the damaged area is sensitive. It may not be able to handle your weight. Vaulted roofs, however, are not easily accessible. If you have such a roof, you have to get over and check the source of leakage. 

If the inspection is done accurately, consider doing the waterproofing. Apply the first coat of waterproofing solution on the roof surface and follow the instructions given on the product for an ideal time gap between each coat. Try to use a solution that is resistant to mold, mildew, UV and infrared rays. 

Professional Approach

Sometimes the damage is so severe that it cannot be treated without professional help. In such circumstances, we recommend you consider experts who have mandatory experience and knowledge of doing it properly. They do not compromise on the quality of the material being used.

Roofing companies have experts who use different tools and techniques to treat your leaking roof more efficiently. They make sure your roof stays intact for a longer period of time and assist you regarding broken gutter and timber sagging, etc.


it’s better to inspect your roof timely if it tends to leakage. If the damage is minor, treating it by yourself can be a nice idea, but if the damage is serious, we recommend you to consider hiring roofing companies before it’s too late and you caught yourself in trouble.