5 Ways to Get Exposure for Your Photography

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:


Whether you pursue photography as a hobby or it is your career, the most important thing is getting enough exposure for your work. Having your photography discovered by new people every day is a great reward for your hard work and skill, but it’s not always so easy to achieve.

If you are hoping to find some inspiration to get your photography in front of more people, here are just 5 ways to try and increase your exposure.

Join a photo sharing site

If you’re hoping to share your photography with other like-minded individuals who will appreciate your work, there’s no better place to start than a free photo sharing platform. This gives you the opportunity to upload your photos and connect with a community of photographers and enthusiasts, which can help you to improve your skills and gain inspiration.

No matter the genre of photography you enjoy, there’s a whole world of creativity to discover and become part of. You can pick up additional tips and discuss everything photography-related with fellow artists, and share your imagery with each other. 

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Use your social media

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike, allowing you to create an online presence for yourself in a way that you see fit. Your social media pages can often reach hundreds of people each day, and by posting the right thing at the right time, you can increase your exposure.

Share your imagery on social media and make use of the various functions that allow you to boost your posts, as this can increase your exposure even more. Social media can open up a wide audience of people interested in your line of work, so that you can share your passion and creativity online.

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Sell your images

Your photography efforts can become so much more than just digital imagery. You can gain additional exposure by turning your images into sellable products that people can use and display. For example, canvases, mugs and keyrings can all be created with your photograph displayed on them, giving people the chance to have your artwork in their own homes.

This can help to widen your reach as your photos will be displayed in different settings for everyone to notice!

Start a photography blog

Blogs are a great source of information for others looking for advice and insights, as well as helping you to be found online when people are searching for photographers. Share your photography experiences and your imagery through a dedicated blog, teaching people about who you are and why you got into photography.

Blogs can make for great shareable content online, and the more your blogs are read and shared, the more exposure your photography is likely to get as a result.

Get involved in exhibitions 

Look out for your local galleries and if they are advertising for new exhibitions. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, even small galleries with just a few photos can make a difference when it comes to getting noticed. Many galleries will always have space for new content to showcase, especially if it’s a local artist.

Similarly, ask local cafes and restaurants if they wouldn’t mind displaying your work on their walls. You might have the rent wall space, but this could pay off in the long run.