Top 7 dressing styles that make you look impressive

Charlotte Miller

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Dressing style always reflects the type of your personality. Fashion leads to elegance. Fashion is. A gesture that you need to adapt according to your aptitude. There is a wide variety of dressing styles and fashion in the world; you need to select that know that is best for you. If you think that any designer could select a good fashionable outfit for you, it is not true. A man can himself best analyze what suits him.

Impact of good dressing 

Your dress style can impart a great effect on your look. A good-looking man can look poor if he is not well dressed. An ordinary man can look classy if he adopts a good dressing style. Your overall look depends upon many factors. The way you carry your outfit plays an important role in determining the fact that how it looks upon you. You need to adopt a good hairstyle and shoes with a particular dress to give an overall decent look. There are many dressing styles in the world. The topmost seven dressing styles that look elegant and decent as well are mentioned. It can make your look impressive.

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 Dress shirts

A white dress shirt with a short black waistcoat along with a dress pent looks very decent. It is one of the dressing styles that suits everyone. It looks good upon the man of every age. This kind of dressing style is often followed as a theme of bachelor’s party as well.

Pent coat 

The pent coat is the dressing style many people like to opt for for their formal and special occasions. It imparts a good personality effect on the person wearing it. Many people wear a pent coat at the rimes of wedding ceremonies and official meetings. It indicated a sign that a person is well dressed. It’s a bit expensive dressing style but suits best. It is one of the finest options to opt for this kind of event.

Puff jackets

Sleeveless puff jackets over dress shirts and jeans are trending nowadays. It is easy and comfortable to carry. This is one of the newly launched fashion in the market. Many youngsters opt for this dressing style to give a cool and classy look. A shirt of any decent color with a navy blue or orange puff jacket is most famous in the western world.

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Hoodies with ripped jeans have always been a famous dressing style for all the youngsters to adopt. It’s a type of casual dressing style that you can wear on everyday visits. It’s easy to handle as well. Most of the Vlone Hoodie and jeans don’t require ironing as well. It is a good option for college and university-going boys to wear. It imparts a cool impact on the personality.

Cargo jeans 

Cargo jeans and loose t-shirts are those dressing styles that you can’t wear at formal places but look extremely cool. It suits those boys who are slim and smart. This kind of dressing shows a rough and casual look. It’s very comfortable. You can relax and rest in this kind of dressing as well. A light weekend shopping is the best occasion for wearing this type of clothes. It’s a new fashion trend as well. It is commonly used in summers.

Leather jackets 

Leather jackets are one of the coolest clothing styles that have been famous among young boys for ages. It’s an evergreen style. It always looks elegant. Leather is a. Best stuff to have in winters. In the western world, most of the year, the weather is cool. Leather jackets make you look personality along with being cool. You can attend a seminar and friends gathering both types of events while wearing leather jackets with jeans of your choice.

Jeans and t-shirt

A simple t-shirt of your choice with jeans looks simple and cool. It’s kind of the most common and loved dressing style. It is used all across the globe. There is a great variety of t-shirts on the brands like Vlone. This type of dressing style with sunglasses and sneakers makes you look great.


All of these dressing styles can make you look impressive. You will great if you carry and wear these clothing styles perfectly. The way you get ready and walk is also very important in making your personality charming.