Georgia Contractor Continuing Education For Residential Light Commercial Licensing 

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Georgia Contractor Continuing Education For Residential Light Commercial Licensing 

Acquiring a license before bidding or working on a contract is a requirement for all contractors in the state of Georgia. To get the license, one is required to sit for an exam and pass. RockCert offers the best Georgia Contractor Continuing Education packages for all contractors.

After every two years, licenses expire, and contractors are required to undergo a renewing process. At RockCert, we offer the best continuing education for all contractors according to their topic requirements and achieve the number of hours mandated by the state. 

For residential light commercial license renewal, we have the best packages for you. Our training packages are backed by the no pass, no pay guarantee.

Residential Light Commercial License Renewal

All contractors holding this kind of license have to renew their licenses two years from issuing. A contractor should take 4 hours of training in year one and the remaining 4 hours in the next year. 

We partner with contractors to offer the best training materials which can be accessed from any device all the time.

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How to Get a Residential Light Commercial License

After completing the required training, call PLB 844-753-7825.

Remember the state of Georgia requires all Residential Light Commercial contractors to renew their licenses every two years. We have the best training materials and references as required by the state.

Having RockCert as your training companion, assures you of passing your exams by the first attempt. We have taken time to combine the best training materials from professional educators and practitioners. We ensure your exam prep package will get you to pass your exams easily.

Exams Taken by Residential Light Commercial Contractors

Every Residential Light Commercial applicant must fill out an application packet. Once the licensing board receives the application, they respond by issuing an exam date. 

Here are the specific details of the exam.

Open book

Number of questions: 90

Pass mark: 70%

Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes

Topics covered: OSHA safety, general code of construction, masonry, foundation & footings, concrete reinforcement, site-work, roofing, carpentry, metals, and associated trades.

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Tips to Passing the Exam

Adequate preparation is needed before sitting for the exam. Go through our training materials since you may not be accessed during the test. RockCert offers you all the training and references needed to ensure our contractors pass the tests on the first attempt. 

We ensure every contractor is exposed to as many questions and test simulations as possible, guaranteeing a pass in the major test.

What Can Be Achieved with this License?

Once a contractor gets the Residential Light Commercial License, you can bid for contractor projects or trade works. Here are the specific items a contractor can achieve with the license.

Take projects whose structures do not exceed four stories

Projects whose space does not exceed 25,000 sq feet.

Pre-fabricated steel structures that do not exceed 50,000 sq feet of floor space

Finally, remember we not only offer the best packages and if you find a more affordable offer, but we are also ready to slash our prices by a further 20%.


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