7 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Apply Today

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7 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Apply Today

Today, social networks have become the main ally of companies to connect with their customers and sell more. It’s no wonder social media marketing works so well, as according to The Global State of Digital 2019 report, 52% of the world’s population uses these platforms.

However, you should know that it is not enough to have a presence on social networks and publish certain content. For marketing efforts to bear fruit, you must have a plan and implement different strategies that allow you to achieve your goal. These are some of the best that you can apply now:

  1. Live video

Videos are the type of content that predominates in social networks. Among the different types of videos that are published on these platforms, those that are live are one of the most popular. And it will continue to be so for a long time, since according to the Cisco company, by 2022 live videos will be 15 times more popular. This content is used to make new releases, to connect with the audience by answering questions, etc.

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  1. Stories

Another very beneficial Social Media Marketing strategy is the use of stories, either on Instagram or Facebook. This is a perfect type of content to connect with the audience, which can also be in images, videos, gifs, etc. It is interesting because it is short and attractive, and most users like it.

  1. User Generated Content

Known in English as User Generated Content, it is about the photos, videos, reviews, tweets, and posts that talk about a brand and that have been created in an amateur way, and more or less spontaneously, by the consumers themselves and not by the brands. , nor paid for it. The strategy is simple: users make these posts and brands take care of finding them to repost them on their own platforms. Thus, the consumer feels recognized by the brand, while the company generates trust in other customers.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are digital tools that allow brands to communicate with their audience at all times, as well as solve problems without human intervention. These are perfect for optimizing customer service and making them always feel heard.

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  1. A/B testing

A/B tests are another of the social media marketing strategies that you can apply now. It is a research tool that consists of testing two types of ads to determine which one the audience likes the most. By mediating the results you will be able to know which option is the most effective to reach your goal.

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  1. Contests or sweepstakes

Contests or sweepstakes on social networks are very useful strategies to motivate the public, especially if your brand is just starting out or is in the process of expanding. Sometimes this type of strategy can annoy the audience, but if you keep it simple and attractive it can be very beneficial. The important thing is that the user does not have to invest too much time to fulfill the requirements of the contest or sweepstakes.

  1. Content depending on the platform

In social media marketing, it is essential to create efficient and useful content for the audience. But you must be clear that not all content works the same on all social networks. Therefore, we recommend that you create content optimized for the platform where you want to share it. The key is to adapt the message so that it helps generate engagement on each network according to its own parameters.

These social media marketing strategies allow companies to humanize their brands, connect with their audience and offer more efficient and personalized service. So, if you want to position your business, win more customers and sell more, these techniques will be very helpful. If you want to connect your business in a smart way, contact us.

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