Five Did You Knows about Folding Electric Bikes

Charlotte Miller

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One of the types of electric bikes that is gaining increasing user penetration is foldable bikes. Known for its portability and easy accessibility, the folding electric bikes deliver their promise in terms of less storage space and more compactness. The best folding electric bikes come with a folding tiler which is connected to the handlebars, allowing more folding dimensionality. 

Next, we will solve a very popular myth i.e. whether folding electric bikes are not similar to conventional bikes. That is incorrect! Hear us again, the best folding electric bikes are exactly similar to conventional bikes, once unfolded. These electric bikes tend to have the same functionalities pertaining to gears and brakes. 

This article will unveil five amazing facts about the best electric folding bikes that you might not have earlier known.

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  • History of folding electric bikes

Electric folding bikes have made their mark since the 1800s with a low profile initially though. There were no stylish designs and/or modern compact folding options. That too has a reason as these bikes were launched in the 1800s for military use and did not need frills, obviously. Later, between the 1970s-1980s, folding electric bikes started to gain increasing popularity and were no more particularly associated with military use. Much of this popularity is attributed to the contemporary designs that were launched in the 1980s plus the new feature of compact folding.  

The major turnaround for the folding e bikes’ industry was in the early 1990s. Thanks to the Japanese manufacturer, Yamaha, who added frills to folding electric bikes by launching a pedal assist system. Post then, the folding e bikes went into commercial production. As years passed by and modern technology and designs started to emerge rapidly, the best folding electric bikes started entering the global market.

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  • Because they are foldable, does not mean they are too brittle

The general myth of folding e bikes is that they are relatively more flimsy compared to other solid frame electrical bikes. That is not the case and we will prove it with facts. The best folding electric bikes of modern times use 6061 aluminium alloy. Made from silicon and magnesium, the 6061 aluminium alloy provides it with a hardcore assembled frame just like any other bike. In fact with the best electric folding bikes, you can ride up to 300 lbs owing to its heavy-duty construction and strong welding. In fact, the best electric folding bikes have a sturdy clamping system.

  • Tyres 

The tyres for a folding electric bike are generally shorter than other bikes with an average diameter ranging between 12 to 16 inches compared to the dimension of around 20 inches for a conventional bike. Because they are foldable, they have to be compact to consume less space and weigh relatively less.

As for the tyre width, folding e bikes vary between 1.7 inches to 4 inches. Needless to say, the 4 inches tyres are usually for fat tyre folding bikes. As for the chainrings, the best folding electric bikes will have a U shape mounted bar below the chainring which protects the chainring from hitting the surface/ground once you fold your electric bike. You can in fact use it as a support to make the folding bike to stand on its relatively shorter tyres.

  • Weight of the folding electric bikes

The lightest of the folding electric bikes (mini folding electric bikes) weigh between 30 to 40 pounds whereas a fat tyre folding bike weighs somewhere around 50 pounds. If you are inquisitive about the weight of folding mountain bikes, then the average weight of such bikes is somewhere around 50 to seventy pounds. But just don’t turn away if you feel the mountain folding bike would be heavier, consider the ease and compactness of tracking to your favourite spot on the wheels and folding it up beside your camp or maybe inside to protect it from theft, dust and other potential dangers. That is extraordinary!

  • The very unordinary fact, the resale market of folding bikes

You will usually not get across this fact but surprisingly best second-hand folding electric bikes have a potentially great second-hand market. This is where traditional bikes lose. To add on, folding electric bikes tend to depreciate slower than traditional bikes and end up having a better resale value. Interestingly, traditional bikes tend to lose fifty per cent of their value in just half a year. That is certainly not the case with fat tyre bikes. So, your slightly higher purchase price for the best folding electric bike should not put you off, in fact, it compensates for the net realizable value your folding bike will offer you at the time of sale. You might not just minimize losses with a folding bike in fact if you maintain your bike, it can potentially break even or give you profits too. That sounds mouth watering already!

With the convenience and less spacious features dominating, you can not undermine the above mentioned functional benefits of a folding electric bike. Imagine carrying your folding bike while you’re commuting through a train from East to West London and then reaching your destination on your wheels from the train station. That is quite promising and timesavy. If you are a convenience lover and want to take it easy, just start saving up for the best electric folding bike in the town.