Does epilating stop hair growth?

Charlotte Miller

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Body hair does not grow in a uniform manner. They are thick and thin at different places of the body. The same is with their length. Priorly, one had to wait for the hair strands to grow long enough, in order to apply the razors, waxing glues and so on. That duration could be about a week, in which you could miss blazing appointments, meetings and outings. The solution is offered by the epilator for women anywhere and anytime. These perfectly mitigate the waiting over your hair to grow to the perfect length suitable for removal.

So are you done with trying out the traditional methods of hair removal? They are perishable and hair grows back all the same, back to its previous glory. This time, the body hair is thicker and grossier than before. The waxing and shaving are the obsolete methods to combat the body hair with. They give rashes and allergies along with the time it takes, to endure the pain. These concerns are just met by the durable, reusable and anti-rusting epilators. 

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Epilators and Hair Growth

The epilator for women promises a painless hair removal procedure. The successive usages of the epilator results in slowed hair growth, to no growth at all. This happens because the epilator action has already removed the hair from its roots, vacating the follicles. Only if the follicle in the skin is active to produce hair, there is scope for the hair to grow back. This new hair strand would be young, weak and thin. Thus, easier to remove with the epilation action.

  1. The best property of the epilator is that they roll over the skin with ease. Removing the hair strands individually, in contrast to the waxing procedure which tugs at the whole of the skin patch, requiring a brute force. That excruciating pain is not at all present here. The epilators hence remove the body hair painlessly. The epilator heads suck in individual hair strands, which can be either long, short or half cut. 
  2. Hair as tiny as 0.5-10 mm could be removed easily by rolling the epilator head; lit by LED light to enhance the visibility on the desired skin surface. This fact makes it evident to get rid of the clutter of hair removal gadgets, other than the epilator to be dumped right away.
  3. Just make sure that you reach out for the right kind of epilators, as they are available for different purposes such as, facial epilator, underarms epilator,  body epilators and multipurpose epilator sets etc. They give you the admirable smooth and shiny skin, which gets overshadowed and dominated by the menace of body hair. The body hair which keeps the body odour, sweat and dirt hooked to them. So feel free to get rid of them.
  4. Safe for children and for your delicate skin.

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The Anytime Epilators

The epilators are made of matter, such as durable plastics for insulated handling and metal for conducting circuits (inside) to work on electricity or chargeable batteries. The epilation tweezers pull in hair strands one by one, to be pulled out of the roots. The epilator head thus rolls over the skin adjusting to its ups and downs, with9ut any problem. This structure facilitates the movement of the epilator as a whole, aided by the grip of the palm. They work in dry skin patches, and wet conditions that is; under the shower as well. Read the product description to be sure of their working conditions. The epilators have head attachments of various sizes and orientations, to suit the body parts subjected to the epilation process.

Do not misunderstand the presence of the tweezers in the epilation head, to that of the painful tweezing, or pulling out the hair by tugging at them individually. Here, the tweezers in the epilator are designed to pull out the hair painlessly by combining the action of movement on the skin with it. Hair growth stops with its continued usage. But, if the hair follicles are active, they might still let some frail hair strands grow. But do not fret! Carry the epilators anywhere, and at any moment get the adamant body hair removed. Redness, inflammation and allergies are put at bay, by these wonderful gadgets and marvels of technology. 


The epilator for women out there, comes at really affordable costs. Your pocket money and some extra savings for larger sets, to expand the range of epilation to bikini lines is commendable. And its maintenance is easy with water or alcohol. The epilator heads have the option to be detached, for cleansing purposes and substituted with other heads for engaging epilation at the other body spots. Hair removal for ladies, has never had a better solution than the epilators.