Embrace The All-Changing Power Of Trendy Undercut Haircut 

Charlotte Miller

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The pool of women’s hairstyles is growing by the day. The unlimited room for experimentation allows it to come up with the best cut for yourself with the least of time and effort spend in the process. However, some cuts remain more a mystery rather than a taboo for some.

LoveHaistyles have a lot of information on the types of undercut haircut that are in style now. We want to draw your attention to the basics of the style, along with the simplest ways to make the most of it. Besides, a few trendy ideas brought in for inspiration will be presented too.

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Defining the Undercut

Before you decide as to whether or not the look suits you, it is essential to realize what it stands for. The simplest definition of an undercut would be to say that it’s the style where the sides or back of your head are buzzed, and the top remains longer. According to LoveHairStyles, the cut goes well with any hair type or face shape, let alone personal style. However, it’s edgier than classy, so that a strict dress code may list it as unacceptable.

Would Undercut Hair Suit You?

To cut a long story short – it would. What is more, if you have a unique head shape or facial features, the look would make you stand more than most. Besides, the versatility of undercuts goes beyond imaginable so that there always a unique way for every lady. 

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How Do You Succeed With a Stylish Undercut?

Since the undercut types are so many, you need to keep few things in mind to determine the one that will suit you best.

Consider Your Wishes

You can start by browsing the web in search of the examples that you see as the fittest. There’s a chance that a couple of cuts may not suit you, so you should find a bunch of ideas to choose from. 

Be Open to Alteration

Once you find a reliable stylish, they can do almost anything for you. Even if the depicted style doesn’t suit you, the hairdresser can introduce some adjustments to make it fit. However, you shouldn’t be too headstrong about your choice. At times, it’s best to entrust the haircut with the professional.

Expand Your Knowledge

After you get the haircut that suits you perfectly, you may think that the mission is complete. However, wait until the stylist’s workwear out, and you’ll understand how mistaken you were. To avoid such an unpleasant experience, it’s advised to discuss the aftercare and styling with the hairdresser before leaving the salon. The tips the experts will give you may be more practical than any data found online.

Inquire About Maintenance

No matter how fabulous the chosen cut looks, it’ll be worth nothing if you can’t find enough time to style it properly. If your schedule is tight, something overly complicated is not an option to consider. You should better ask the stylist about something simpler but not less elegant and trendy looking.

Hidden Side Undercut

Very often, it is mistakenly assumed that any undercut is visible to the naked eye. The assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you have the strictest dress code to abide by, you can still pull off an ultimate side undercut. All it takes is a platinum bowl pixie with layers to hide those buzzed sides under. The only downside to being aware of is the fact that shaved sides grow out too fast.

Ultra-Modern Nape Undercut

Along with the hair fashion and popular styles, the undercut changes with every season. If you want to look unique and edgy, then a nape undercut of a particular shape is what you need. Pair it together with a lilac side-swept pixie, and your look will inspire everyone around. 

Spiky Mohawk Undercut 

Stylish ladies aim at the cuts that everyone else finds appealing but at times too edgy. Feel like you belong to the category? Then this is the look to add to your to-get list. The undercut and the spiky Mohawk make a fashionable combo. However, a few lines to create an intricate and unique pattern make it twice as daring.