The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Screen Printing 

Charlotte Miller

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Due to the amount of money which people are earning in this printing business many buy the best screen printing machine for clothing line as they are new to this business. But somehow they tend to overlook the loopholes which are there in this industry. In this article we would throw light on advantages and also the disadvantages of the screen printing business.

We would straight away jump to the points 

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Advantages Of Screen Printing

  1. In screen printing they use pressure from squeegee or from the mechanical device due to which a force is generated and ink is absorbed into the fabric. Due to this the end product has very durable graphics which would not wash away or will not get removed to physical contact which makes for great intramural jerseys used in sporting events. These prints might last for years.
  2. One of the main advantages of screen printing is that when there is a single image it can be moved upwards or downwards as per our convenience. For example we are making a logo for a company then it can be spread on the entire t-shirt or else it would just cover a small amount of area on the t-shirt.
  3. Due to the photosensitivity it is possible to generate screens in a very short period of time. In case we use other  applications we would require a different graphic file if we want to change the size of the image. Due to which a lot of money and time is being saved and this is good for business as they can create multiple designs for different kinds of format.
  4. This method can accommodate  a wide range of materials that means they can produce t-shirts, wristbands,promotional banners, hats, and many such things using the same screen. 
  5. The end result would remain the same; there is no compromise on the quality front for each of the products and it would remain consistent. Due to this the scope of doing business in various kinds of products increases and the end customer is also happy with the results. 

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Disadvantages Of Screen Printing

  1. The major disadvantage of the printing process is that the ink should be pressed through the screens. Due to which there is difficulty while mixing colors due to which the final product might look very shabby. That is why during printing different color zones are being made and also mixing of color is avoided.
  2. Another disadvantage of screen printing press is that it is difficult to give attention to small intricate details  due to the limitation of technique used to apply the ink. If a print has to be given where small details too matter it might result in technical problems, which would create a poor quality result and the end. This kind of limitation depends upon the printer and equipment that has been used. 
  3. If there is a minute issue while printing on a single screen it might create a problem that distorts the completed images.


Due to the advent of the new technology many of the disadvantages can be removed. Use of modern and automatic machines might be a solution to above mentioned issues.