Dedicated Servers for Streaming

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Dedicated Servers for Streaming

Dedicated servers are a type of hosting in which you are provided with a separate physical machine entirely (opposed to virtual hosting). It is employed to run highly loaded projects and complete demanding tasks. A user can also run his applications that don’t coexist on the same server with his other projects.

Why DO I Need a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is necessary for running complex projects that cannot be stored in the same place as other projects and have high resource requirements. It’s the most expensive type of hosting and won’t be suitable for all clients:

  • If you are a novice specialist and have no server administration skills, it’s better to choose regular virtual hosting.
  • If you want to create a blog on WordPress or a small corporate website, you can also do it with simple hosting or VPS.
  • If you don’t have an extra few thousand dollars per month (Dedicated Server prices are measured in thousands), choose virtual hosting or VPS.

However, a dedicated server is the best streaming solution. It will allow you to broadcast to a large audience via the Internet. The servers for broadcasting have superior technical characteristics and provide the opportunity to broadcast in HD quality in real-time. Each server provides a large package of monthly traffic to the client.

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Dedicated Servers VS. Virtual Servers

A dedicated server is designed for large Internet projects, online stores, and streaming. Moreover, such servers are suitable for creating and scaling applications. As a result, small sites often grow into ample resources with high traffic. When there are a lot of visitors, the site starts to work slowly and malfunction. Switching to a new tariff at the request of the hosting provider won’t be enough. Virtual hosting is very contraindicated for large portals and streaming; it’s better to have a streaming dedicated server.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Servers

In general, dedicated servers have the following advantages:

  1. Safety. They minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to the posted information.
  2. Use of all server resources. All the working power of your hardware is available only to you; there is no need to share it with someone else.
  3. Stable work. It’s challenging to exhaust a single server’s resources completely, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum performance.
  4. Great opportunities for a webmaster. The specialist can independently install the necessary software and perform all the settings.
  5. Overall improvement of the site by reducing page loading time and increasing the security of personal data storage.

We can say that streaming dedicated servers have the same benefits. They can significantly improve your online life. However, we need to point out some disadvantages:

  1. The most essential and obvious drawback is the price. It’s significantly higher than shared hosting or VPS services.
  2. Server administration skills are required. It will be difficult for beginners or people without experience to understand the nuances of setting up and the manner of dedicated server work.

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Final Words

All in all, considering a server cost, it’s better to choose a VPS (the price will be several times less). However, taking into consideration security and reliability, you have to give your preference to a dedicated server. It’s ideal for highly loaded online stores, high-traffic resources, gaming, and MTA servers. It provides stability and complete independence from any other clients.