Birth injuries and children’s health – What are the most common types that occur?

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Birth injuries and children’s health - What are the most common types that occur?

When you are a soon-to-be-mom, or you’re on the verge of giving birth, there are high chances that you’re already imagining that your baby is going to be a healthy one. Birth injuries are the least thing that you will be expecting as a new mom. It is true that maximum births occur smoothly and end with the welcoming of an uninjured baby, there are exceptions too. 

In the US, birth injuries may occur in 6-8 births out of 1000 and after seeing this statistic, you may feel your child is certainly not going to be one of those unlucky ones. We have asked Johnston Law Firm and they have shared some of the most common birth injuries that often occur among babies in the US. Let’s check them out. 

  • Bruises and fractures

Probably the most common type of birth injury includes broken bones and fractures in newborns. Doctors are of the opinion that the risk of fracture is much more among the ‘feet-first’ births or with larger babies. Since it is a newborn, treating and getting a fractured cured can also be a challenging task. Clavicle fractures are probably the most common kind of birth injury. 

Bruises are common as the skin of the newborn is fragile. When the baby passes through the birth canal, the baby may get bruises due to the stress on its body. The wrong usage of medical equipment like forceps can also lead to bruises on the baby’s body. Usually, bruises are found on the face and head of the baby. 

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  • Brachial Palsy

This might occur when the nerve group that supplies blood to the hands and arms of the baby is injured. This kind of injury is common whenever there is trouble while pushing out the shoulder of the baby, and it is called shoulder dystocia. When this happens, the baby faces a problem in rotating and flexing the arm. 

In case the injury led to swelling and bruising around the nerves, this means that the movement should be back within a few months. In case there is a tear to the nerve, this can lead to permanent damage to the nerves. There are special activities that need to be done in order to bring back motion. 

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  • Facial paralysis

During birth or labor, pressure on the face of the baby can injure the facial nerves. This can also happen when the doctor uses forceps for delivering the baby. You can spot this injury when the baby cries and doesn’t stop. In case of facial paralysis, the movement on that side of the face stops, and the eye doesn’t shut. In the case of a nerve bruise, the paralysis improves in a few weeks. However, when a nerve is torn, you may require surgery. 

So, if your child sustains a birth injury stemming from malpractice or negligence, you can be entitled to receive compensation. Just make sure you hire an attorney who specializes in the same.