Can You Protect Your IP Address from Malicious Parties?

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Can You Protect Your IP Address from Malicious Parties

The internet is an incredible place where you can make friends, meet family members, and learn about the entire world. But, unfortunately, all of this amazing stuff doesn’t come for free. Unfortunately, the underside of the internet is full of people who want to steal your information, wreck your credit score, and possibly ruin your computer.  

Because of all of this, you must be as careful as possible. Protect your IP address from malicious parties by following some of these tips.

Don’t Click Unfamiliar Links.

Unfamiliar links are the fastest way to get yourself in trouble. Of course, we all want to be careful and avoid risk, but there’s trouble when links are on nearly every website and page. If you don’t recognize the website a link leads to, or you don’t remember the person sending you a link: don’t click it. This link could be malicious and could have you wondering, ‘how’d they get my IP address?’ when you find out it’s been spoofed a couple of years down the line. 

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Get to Know What Has an IP Address

Not every device has an IP address! Some do, and some don’t: the main way to tell the difference is whether or not something can connect to the internet. This means smart TVs, tablets, phones, computers, and even smart fridges all have an IP address. Of course, you don’t need to worry about protecting the UP address on each of these since they’re not all high-risk, but you should consider what you connect to the internet and what information you give these devices.

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Use a VPN When You Can

If you can, consider using a VPN on your computer and any other devices you have. This VPN will give you the chance to explore the internet while resting easily, knowing that your information is yours alone and nobody can steal it from you. Of course, many good VPNs aren’t free, and you’ll have to pay to use them. You can google the top VPN that’s good for secured streaming and check the best and most reliable VPN review and its pricing plan. This means getting the most use possible out of your VPN and ensuring that you’re not wasting your money on it. If you can use good online hygiene, you won’t have to worry about this issue as much.

Change and Make Secure Passwords Often

Update your passwords as often as possible, and ensure they’re always secure. This means a random string of numbers, letters, and symbols that will allow you, and nobody else, to connect with your accounts and gain access to your information.

Don’t store these in a digital wallet or anywhere that someone else can easily access. Although it may feel overboard, being protective over these passwords ensures that nobody can steal your identity or find a way to access your accounts. 

Your IP Address is as Safe As You Make It

Whether you click a thousand links or you use a VPN for absolutely everything, it’s important to know that your IP address’s safety is completely up to you. The better online hygiene you use, the more protected you’ll be in the long run.


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