Factors That Make A Credible Car Accident Witness?

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If you are dealing with a car accident case right now, you probably have heard the term “witness’ once or twice. A witness is someone who was present at the accident scene and was able to observe it. However, not all witnesses may be credible. 

A credible witness is someone the court approves as a person whose statements are unbiased. There are various factors that make a credible witness, and it is important to understand them before you bring a witness to court. If you are not sure how to identify a credible witness, perhaps a Houston car accident attorney can help you. 

Factors that make a credible car accident witness

  • Willingness to come forward. 

Credible witnesses are willing to come forward to make their statements and help you with your case. After the accident, you may find these people coming up to you and saying, “I saw the whole thing” or “that driver was speeding.” A willing waitress waits for the police to arrive so that they can give a statement while others leave the site after a while. 

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  • Viewed the entire accident. 

A witness is only credible if they have observed the entire accident from close up or at least from a considerable distance. People who arrive at the accident scene right after the accident has already taken place may not be considered credible witnesses as they did not see who did what. Witnessing the accident from the beginning to the end makes a credible witness. 

  • Background. 

A credible witness must have a clear background. The court is more likely to reject the statements of someone with a criminal record or bad reputation. For the court to take the witness’ words seriously, it is a must that they have a good moral background. If the person has a history of lying to the police, chances are their statements are of zero worth. 

  • Relationship to the driver. 

If the witness has any relations with the driver, they do not count as credible. This is because the driver has an interest in the outcome of the case. Therefore, anything that the driver or anyone close to them says may be considered unbiased. It is hard to believe that a close friend or family member will testify against their loved one. The other party may jump on these relationships to discredit your claim. 

  • Focus. 

For a witness to be credible, it is important that they were focused on the vehicles when the accident took place. Even if the person was present at the scene, but they were looking at their phone, their focus was shifted to someplace else, and they might have missed important details about the accident. 

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