Business Is Booming During The JD618 Grand Promotion 

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Business Is Booming During The JD618 Grand Promotion 

JD Worldwide is the cross-border online marketplace of the Chinese enterprise called The latter is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China. The company launched a Grand Promotion which surged salss dramatically in the first 24 hours. 

  • Report on Corporate Earnings in the First 24 Hours

Richard Liu is an internet entrepreneur who founded and leads the organization. He successfully added hundreds of additional brands to the marketplace which more than doubled the existing offerings. The popular JD618 Grand Promotion started on May 31, 2022. The event calls for an eight-day initial phase to accept pre-orders. 

JD Worldwide experienced a duty-free rise in sales of 20 times that of its year-over-year revenue. The global site saw an increase in sales of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and fresh items by a reported 160 percent compared to this time last year. The sales of alcoholic beverages rose by 9x. 

Other categories of products witnessed similar results. The value of revenue on imported electronic Ed-Tech devices surged by approximately 17x year-over-year. Children’s items also saw a healthy increase. This also factors in that the first day of June celebrates Children’s Day. Imported baby vitamins as well as game equipment enjoyed more than a seven-fold increase and a surge of 118 percent, respectively.

JD Logistics employs a highly efficient supply chain system. The focus is on a diversity of fulfillment models. JD has been proficient at partnering with local communities to reach the homes of millions of users. Anti-COVID policies are in play in China yet the firm is able to deliver goods throughout the country. One customer said that they received an order at their door for their baby in 10 minutes. It arrived early for Children’s Day.

People who work from home are seeking more solutions from e-commerce firms. The remote worker market has evolved the economy for this sector. There’s a growing demand from these customers for improved home-work options. Refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods, robotic vacuum cleaners, and kitchen appliances are selling robustly with impressive gains.

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Two Decades of E-Commerce Experience and Millions of Customers

There’s an increasing demand for imported goods as more consumers are seeking to upgrade their buying habits. has a proven track record for knowing what consumers want. To date, the firm boasts more than 580 million active customers and an incredible variety of products and services from third-party merchants.

Customers rely on the quality of merchandise and service they receive from This speaks to the initiatives undertaken by Richard Liu. He wants customers to feel confident that everything they buy during the JD618 Grand Promotion and year-round is the real thing. There’re never any take-offs or fake merchandise featured on the sites.

In addition, his emphasis is on delivering superior service throughout the entire sales transaction. Liu’s knowledge of technology, logistics, and the retail e-commerce market has brought online shopping to a whole new level of an online mall. Each vendor operates their own online store on the platform. 

There’re also fast delivery options after an order is placed, and the company has warehouse facilities throughout the country to expedite order fulfillment. Many orders are delivered in about two hours making fresh food delivery accessible and seamless no matter how rural the destination. 

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The corporate office of the parent company is based in Beijing, China.

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