Best soundbars to give your living room an aesthetic musical makeover

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When the right movie and your chill room aesthetics are paired with the perfect audio experience, your mood can be fixed instantly. Since your favorite movies deserve audio that’s as amazing as them (and of course your living room deserves an addition that just fits right in), here are a few of boAt’s best home theatre systems that are absolutely stylish, and will amp up your viewing experience with the perfect audio: 

Aavante 1700D

Enthralling sound and eccentric aesthetics! The smooth structure and premium finish of the soundbar instantly adds a classy vibe to your living room. It flawlessly blends with modern home décor. 

Add unimaginable finesse to your viewing experience as this home theatre. The 2.1 Channel Sound with Dolby Digital at your service allows you to have a 3D sound experience that resonates through every corner of the room.The wired 60W subwoofer further adds that sensational sound to your favorite movies and adds an exceptional clarity to dialogues and sound effects.
It even supports equalizer modes for movies, news, music and 3D cinema experience, and allows you to listen to each one of them – just the way they are supposed to sound. So be it a piano piece by Mozart or indulging in your favorite online game – you will never be disappointed with the astounding sound quality.

You can connect it easily to your wired and wireless devices as this bluetooth speaker supports multiple connectivity modes like AUX, USB, HDMI with Bluetooth V5.0.

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Aavante 4000DA

Sleek, Stylish and Superb – this bluetooth home theater will instantly blend with the aesthetics of your room! The minimal and lustrous design of the speaker adds a touch of sophistication to the overall vibe of the room. It takes minimal space in your room while enhancing your viewing experience greatly by adding a touch of perfection to the audio.
Packed with Dolby Atmos 3D technology, this home theatre system will instantly transform your viewing, gaming, and music experience. With 2.1.2 channel surround sound, you get groundbreaking sound quality that permeates every part of the room, just like in a movie theatre. When paired with a 60W wired subwoofer, it delivers pitch perfect audio with a balanced bass.
The perfectly autotuned  modes for music, games, music and more give you a chance to add perfection to your choice of entertainment.

To top it all off, it also comes with a master remote control for pairing, Mute/Unmute, Play/Pause, Bass /Treble/ Volume/ Track Control and a host of other controls so you never lose track of your favourite shows and just enjoy watching them while sitting on a couch with a drink and popcorn.

All you need to do is, connect it seamlessly as per your choice via Bluetooth, v5.0, AUX, HDMI, USB or Optical.

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Aavante 3100D

Aavante 3100D

If your idea of a perfect friday was to watch the recent release at the theatre, then this soundbar is perfect for you! Make your indoor movie nights even more entertaining with this amazing home theatre. Designed to give you an ethereal listening experience, this soundbar is a must have for every movie buff.

The 5.1 Channel Surround Sound with Dolby Digital technology elevates your home movie watching experience and makes you not miss theatres that much. It enhances the sound effects and adds extra clarity to the dialogues which make you escape your reality. You get to hear boAt’s signature HD sound with 260W RMS that is absolutely captivating. The wired subwoofer gives you the desired pump to your sound.

And if you listen to your music with a pinch of perfect bass then the bass mode will be a blessing for you. You can simply turn it on with the remote control and sit comfortably on your chair while you see (and experience) the world around you disappearing, thanks to the flawless audio quality.
The EQ modes for music, games, movies, news and 3D cinema and music experience allows you to never compromise on the quality of sound while you switch between two different forms of entertainment.

Setting up this bluetooth speaker is a breeze as it supports multiple connectivity modes like HDMI, AUX, USB and BT.

Aavante 1800

Aavante 1800

Enjoy a theatre-like experience with this stylish and powerful soundbar that’s exquisitely designed with a premium look. This beauty adds to the overall look & feel of your room as much as it adds to the immersive auditory experience. The easy controls add brilliance to the overall design of the product. Of course, you can control your viewing experience through the all powerful remote as well.
The 2.1 Channel Captivating Sound instantly transcends you to an alternate dimension where everything sounds perfect. The astounding sound quality allows you to fully enjoy your home entertainment.

And if you are looking for something that frees you from wires, then you will be glad to know that it sports a 60W wireless connection. On top of that, the side-firing construction makes sure that you receive extra bass music from every corner of the room. So, get ready to enjoy a thrilling landscape which features boAt signature sounds.

Just connect it to your device using bluetooth, AUX, USB or HDMI and get started with real entertainment
Aavante 1250

Aavante 1250

Intensify your theatre-like visualization with perfect audio with this absolutely gorgeous looking best home theatre system. The sleek design packs powerful technology which will transform your room into a theatre, immediately. Be it movies or music, make all of them come alive by having this inside your room! This 40W RMS soundbar accompanied by the 40W sired subwoofer allows you to embark on a musical journey like no other.

Whether you go wireless with home theatre bluetooth V5.0 or go for a wired connection using an AUX or USB, you are guaranteed to enter a world of flawless sound, the moment you turn it on! Be in charge of your listening experience via the detailed remote or use the integrated function board.

Stop reading now, get any of these home theatres! And don’t worry the home theatre price of these will not burn a hole in your pockets!