How to find a swimwear sports bra

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Swimwear and bra sizing varies from brand to brand with no international standards of size. Finding the best-fitted sports bra or swimwear is not an easy task. You try on several designers, sizes, and styles before finding out the best fit for yourself. However, there is no rule of thumb to find the best-fitted sports bra and swimwear but in today’s blog, we are sharing some tips and techniques that will help you find the right thing. A swimsuit or activewear that doesn’t fit well, or the straps become loose easily or the waistband digs in means that you are not wearing the right size. Many brands now make designer swimwear for women, competitive swimsuits, and sports bras that help to minimize discomfort, soreness, and even tissue damage. Which can be a real hindrance in pursuing your favorite activities and exercising.

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Choose a sports bra on the level of your activity

Choose your best swimsuit fit and best-fitted sports bra based on the type and level of activity you are going to do.  Swimwear sports bras are designed to reduce breast movement and block the extra bouncing and do not divert you from chasing your target. The main difference between a sports bra and a normal bikini top is that sports bras provide a low, medium, or high level of support. If you are going for an activity that needs more movement or jumping such as swimming, diving, surfing, or aerobics then opt for a high-support bra top. High support bra tops come with wide bands, adjustable straps, and removable cups for more support. They are ideal for women with a larger bust. Medium-impact sports such as moderate hiking, cycling, and paddling need bra tops that block intense breast movement and discomfort. Low-impact activities like yoga and jogging don’t need much support and bra tops with narrow straps and bands can provide enough support.  

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Finding the right sports bra size

Sports bras are more comfortable and figure-hugging than regular bikini tops. But remember that swimsuit bikini tops and sports bras have the almost same size and have the same fit guidelines. Over lifetime bra size changes because of body changes like pregnancy, aging, or weight loss, or gain. So always go for a new measurement whenever you are buying a new one. Here are some basic instructions that will help you to find the right fit. Get a measuring tape, wear a non-padded bra, or even don’t wear it while measuring the size. Then measure your waist directly under the bust, this is your band size. Then in the second step measure your fuller bust. For determining the cup size, subtract the bust measurement from the band measurement. Finally, a good-fitted swimwear sports bra will be the one that gives you comfort and style and the best appearance.

Know that your bra fits well

After determining the exact measurement, now it’s time to test brands’ variety and styles to the best fit. Yes! It is possible and you can do this by visiting stores in person. To make sure that your bra top fits properly, check it by fitting the band. Because the band of your sports bra is the main element in providing support so make sure that it is comfortable around your waist. To check the best fit, raise your hands above and look in the mirror sideways. If the band goes up it means that it is not your best fit. Next check the straps. If the straps go deep in the skin it means they are too tight and if they slip off by the shoulders then they are too loose. The straps should provide less stretch and minimum up and down movement. Check the cups by scooping your bust into the cups and see if gaps or wrinkles appear in the fabric, it is the indication of big cups. And if the breast comes out of the bra, it means cups are too small.

Swimwear sports bra types

Crisscross has straps in the back and is used for low-impact and medium-impact activities. However, crisscross straps give minimal support compared to other styles but are adjustable. Tank tops have straps similar to a regular bra. Tank tops have a closed back, which gives much support. Racerback sports bras have shoulder straps that create a Y-shape between shoulder blades. Racerback is a good option for high-impact activities. Any type of strap style you choose, remember that thin straps give less support as compared to thick straps swimwear sports bra. Check ishine365 for some of the online swimwear.