TOP 15 Unique Ideas For Wedding & Engagement Photo Session

Charlotte Miller

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Every couple has classic wedding photos in their album, where the bride and the groom pose against a picturesque place. But if you want to enjoy unique pictures that no one else has, you will need ideas to inspire and photography and video packages for weddings.

There are many options for an unusual photo shoot suggested in the Web. You can look them through before going on your own shooting. Uncommon decorations, unimaginable angles will make your day more exciting, and you won’t be able to wait to see the photos.

  • Attention to details

If the wedding is arranged in the common style, the guests’ garments should have something in common too. Emphasize it – it can be similar ties or socks, a ribbon in hair. Such photo session ideas for engagement attract attention and make viewers smile.

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  • Pets

If you have a pet, take it with you to the celebration. A cute face will grace any photo. Often couples take a dog to bring the rings to the aisle. This idea will perfectly demonstrate your love for your pet and help to entertain guests during the event. You can prepare a tie or a bow tie for the dog to match the celebration style.

  • Gorgeous dancing moments

At any wedding, you can’t do without the first dance. You can finally relax and spend a few moments with your beloved one, enjoying slow motions and light music. Such moments can’t be missed – the photos turn out to be very bright and tender.

  • Wedding from above

Modern technology makes it possible to capture any moment from a birds’ eye view. Therefore, many photographers already have their drones, which go up into the air from the first minutes of your ceremony. Later, you’ll be able to see wonderful photos of your guests and unusual decor of the celebration location taken from above.

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  • Love – whatever the weather

If you’ve scheduled your wedding for a hot day, but it suddenly rained – it’s not a reason to get upset. In the rain, you can get wonderful photos, especially if you happen to carry a stylish umbrella. You can stay under a shed, with true natural wonders being shown behind your backs.

  • Underwater photos

Brave couples aren’t afraid to spoil the festive dress – they scuba dive, jump into pools and play around in water. Such photos will surely be unique since not everyone will be brave enough to do such a thing during their wedding. If you don’t want to stay wet at the ceremony, save the clothes and use engagement photo session ideas on another day.

  • A bit of chaos

You will get perfect faces in the photo anyway, but how about capturing unexpected emotions? The following wedding photo session ideas for couples will be suitable for this:

  • photos when rose petals are flying at the newlyweds;
  • in champagne splashed;
  • active games with children.

Children can create a special atmosphere at any event, so don’t leave kids at home – let them share the best day of your life with you.

  • Romance under the veil

You can hide from the hustle and bustle and guests’ attention under the bride’s veil. Wonderful photos are guaranteed – newlyweds can give tender kisses while remaining on camera.

  • Reflected

Photo session ideas for wedding – найти большое зеркало или стеклянную поверхность, прогуляться вдоль морской глади (когда не будет волн). Выбирайте удачный ракурс и фотографируйтесь так, чтобы ваша поза была полностью отражена в воде или стекле.

Photo session ideas for wedding – find a large mirror or glass surface, walk by the sea side (when there are no waves). Choose a good angle and take pictures so that water or glass fully reflect your pose.

  • The road to adventure

When the newlyweds get tired of the hustle and bustle, they want to hide in a more secluded place. You can escape from your own wedding and go for a ride! Choose a cozy place where your car is parked and take great pictures.

  • For sweet teeth

If you can’t live a single day of your life without sweet candies, why not take them to your wedding? These are wedding photo session ideas. Choose large candies on a stick to hide behind them for a kiss.

  • Colored smoke

If you are tired of looking for a suitable background for your photos, ask your friends to release some colored smoke. You will get bright pictures and indescribable emotions on each guest’s face (especially if they didn’t expect any smoke show). Colored clouds won’t spoil your dress. They will create incredible and mysterious atmosphere.

  • Spiral stairs

Best ideas for wedding photo session – on the stairs. They are always very fashionable, especially when it goes about a spiral staircase. Ask the photographer to go up a couple of steps and take a picture of your kiss.

  • Balloons

Who said that balloons are for children only? Bring them to your wedding and take unique pictures with the armful of colorful balloons.

  • Girly emotions

You can take funny photos of men trying to convey those emotions of delight that girls usually feel. This may be a version of showing the wedding ring for the first time or throwing the bride’s bunch of flowers. Such pictures will help make the wedding more exciting.