Best Free Photo Editing Software: WorkinTool Image Converter Review

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Best Free Photo Editing Software: WorkinTool Image Converter Review

Best Free Photo Editing Software: WorkinTool Image Converter Review

WorkinTool Image Converter is newly released free photo editing software for PC. As the name shows, it also works as an image converter, which enables you to convert images to and from any other format. Along with its powerful range of tools, it gains huge popularity in many countries. WorkinTool Image Converter is also very light on system resource usage. It can easily run on earlier Windows systems without slowing down.

Reasons to buy Utterly free

Loads of features

Accessible without the internet

No account required

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Fast and light

Reasons to avoid Only for Windows

Plan and Pricing

All you need to do is free download WorkinTool Image Converter and begin to use the features immediately. Users don’t have to pay for an expensive subscription service or register an account for this software. All of the premium features are free without additional requirements. And users don’t need to buy a plan to upgrade to the free version because it has and only has one single version. In addition, there are no in-app purchases or bundled software at all. You can join the long-term free plan without pressure. 

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This image converter covers nearly everything you need for picture editing and converting. WorkinTool Image Converter presents you with all of its various features including converting images, compressing images, removing background from images, removing watermark from photos, adding watermark to photos, editing images, restoring old photos, increasing image size, fixing photo blur, cartooning a photo, adding gender swap filter to pictures, making people looks younger or older on pictures, making pic collage, and so on.

  • Bulk Conversion

What sets it apart from other similar offerings is its bulk conversion feature. You can convert multi-formatted images at a time without quantity limitations. When converting, you can set the same output format for all images at one click or configure each image separately. This free software supports 100+ input and output formats from well-known JPG, PNG, BMP, WEBP, PSD, HEIC, RAW, and SVG to more niche TIFF, EPS, AVI, and FPX. Users needn’t worry if they can’t find corresponding formats for the pictures they want to convert.

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  • Photo Editing and Sharing

For photo editing, you can find whatever you need in this free software, which supports you to resize images, adjust image parameters, blur pictures, draw on pictures, and add filters, text, borders, stickers, and overlays to pictures. What makes WorkinTool Image Converter immediately stand out from its competition is it offers users picture aspect ratio templates in line with the requirements of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Other than that, it also provides default aspect ratio parameters for driving license, ID card, passport, visas, and eBay product images. 

  • AI Technology Processing

Its AI technology stands out when processing old photos and adding special filters. You can find practical tools whether you want to restore damaged and faded photos, enlarge picture size, and save smudged faces pictures. In addition, if you want to edit pictures for fun, this software will make you happy. Especially its gender swap filter, it even changes the beard and hairstyle when swapping gender.

  • Pic Collage

When it comes to pic collage, it will give you a result without losing quality. Users can change the canvas size and select a template freely when making a picture collage. One thing worth mentioning is that users can even add 15+ pictures and find an applicable template for them. It allows a maximum of 30 images at a time to make a pic collage. And the customizable background color, frame, and layout save a lot of effort for users.

Interface and in Use

WorkinTool’s main focus is presenting an excellent user experience that makes its photo editing software free and easy to use. The simple interface and fast batch processing speed make this lightweight image converter friendly to everyone even computer novices. One thing that sets this image converter apart from the competition is that it is accessible without the internet. You can use all the features offline without times and quantity limitations.

Online Version

The desktop version is especially designed for Windows users. But the online version is accessible to everyone. WorkinTool also endows users with free online features including converting, compressing, and editing images. Compared with the offline tools, however, fewer features are provided. And the quantity and size of images may be limited during single processing. But it is enough for those who want to make basic changes to a picture.


There is a huge stock of online tutorials like articles and videos for this software. Simple steps and overall introductions will help you solve unexpected problems. Besides, anytime you get stuck or need actual human assistance, you can reach customer support through email on their website. A speedy reply will get back to you from their 24/7 customer service center.

How do we review the best free photo editing software?

We test this software from the very beginning we download it. The storage occupied on the computer, its running speed, convenience, hidden formatting issues, and various features are tested with a handful of images of different formats. Throughout testing, no quality issues or similar problems are found. This image software works well and is reliable enough to be your top pick if you need to handle image-related work frequently. Just join the long-term free plan now, you won’t regret it!