Summer Beach Footwear Trends That Are Stylish & Comfy 

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Summer Beach Footwear Trends That Are Stylish & Comfy 

Summer means good vibes and happy times! It’s the season everybody waits for the whole year as it brings beach vacations along with it. The bright sunny weather, cool ocean breeze, and rocking parties. What more does one desire – except for the perfect beach shoes so as to not hurt the feet. Beaches are everyone’s favorite spot for holidaying, and every year countless individuals travel to the beach to spend their vacation in an exciting and relaxing manner. Are you planning a vacation to the beaches? Do not forget to pack your SPFs, beautiful breezy dresses, hats, and most importantly, the right footwear. While the sand feels incredibly soothing to stroll on, the shells near the ocean, alongside the little bits of broken rocks, can be perilous. 

Beaches are known to have pebbled paths, rocky terrains, and shells here and there paving the way to the waters. Thus, walking shoeless along the beachside can be proved risky. Even sometimes, the wrong footwear choice can lead you to injuries or cause you to slip and fall. However, it is highly recommended to hit the sea shore with appropriate beach shoes on your next trip to the beach. The best beach shoes offer great comfort and a cozy fit. The soles of the footwear should be non-slippery and waterproof. This article will look upon various beach sandals that are stylish and trendy. Go ahead and choose your style to get ready for your next beach vacation. 

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6 Best Beach Sandals to Get Ready for the Next Summer Vacation 

Undoubtedly, no outfit is complete without a pair of proper matching footwear. Beautiful beach sandals complement the short dresses that you keep for your beach voyage. Let us look at various designs of beach shoes that will help you create an exotic beach look.  

  1. Rope sandals summer trend 

Women’s sandals with a pattern of rope laces and straps are a big trend in summer fashion. They are absolutely perfect for a beach party as they imply aesthetic feels and are available in the form of sandals and slippers. The rope sandals look stunning when paired with an airy dress, creating a chic look. They are available in various colors, but the most trendy one comes in beige tones and the blue family. They are ideal for a perfect summer beach vacation. 

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  1. Espadrilles for beach fashion

Espadrilles are without any doubt an essential wardrobe staple due to their exotic looks, especially for a beach vacation. They also mark their way in the trendiest collection of footwear for summer fashion. Espadrilles come in various patterns, from open-toed to closed designs, along with flat or heeled wedges. They offer elegance with comfort, and the neutral tone of the footwear goes well with every dress. Pair the espadrilles with a straw bag to create a stunning look. 

  1. Platform sandals trend 

Platform sandals are back in the trend for a comfortable and cool Beachy look. They come in wide heels that provide comfort and style in a modern way. Pair your platform sandals with Bermuda shorts or white wide-legged pants to create a statement look.  

  1. Strap sandals fashion 

Strap sandals are well-known fashion staples, despite their simplicity. Women love wide strapped sandals as they are comfortable and ideal for everyday use. You can style them according to your fashion sense, choosing from a variety of strap sandals, from simple to bold patterns.  

  1. Slides and slippers styles 

What’s more comfortable than slippers and slides? They are the coolest and easiest choice for a beach vacation. No hassle, and they look so chic and minimal. From leather slides to straw and woven slides, they are available in various patterns and colors to spruce up your outfit.  

  1. Flip flops and thong sandals

Thongs and sandals are the ultimate fashion accessories, especially for styling your summer looks. You can go for heeled flip-flops in bright colors for a voguish look or easy thongs for a beach day look. While neutrals can be your best pick, but colorful thongs and flip-flops are essential to add a playful and fun vibe to the outfit.  

The End Words 

When heading out on a hot weather vacation, selecting the right pair of footwear is essential to your travel wardrobe. You aspire for a footwear choice that pampers your feel with comfort and softness yet provides a style statement that complements the short summer dresses. Get ready for your next vacation with a wide variety of beach shoes at Ipanema. Choose your favorite style of sandals that look exquisite with swimsuits and beachwear!