AI Tools for Small Businesses in 2021

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Business uses artificial intelligence to help in human-like capabilities through computer software to help boost revenue, increase productivity, improve customer experience, run business processes efficiently and drive business transformation and growth. Artificial intelligence simply makes work easier and reduces the chances of error.

How Can You Leverage AI to Better Serve Your Business and Your Customers?

One of the goals of a small business is to serve customers to their satisfaction while still taking care of the business needs. AI helps to streamline the customer experience while making maximum profits. Through different studies, there have been a lot of predictions that show most businesses are going to adopt chat boxes to communicate with the customer in the future. 

The chatbox uses language technology to find a match with customer searches and provide the information they are looking for. Although many customers have not adopted the chat box feature, specialized bots are in the AI market and they efficiently help the customer service department. Some of the tasks it can perform are like requesting customers with account information and streamline efficiency through the payment period.

Customers can easily adopt these bots that perform tasks that they need and get served easily and faster. This way, the business interest is taken care of while the customer is satisfied.

The AI technology can help in the book running and accounts management. This is an intelligent way to make sure you always know what comes in and goes out. Documentation and keeping accounts are very tasking and time-consuming. Using technology reduces the work and motivates the people working because they can concentrate on other tasks to run the business.

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How Artificial Intelligence Could Give Your Small Business a Boost

Marketing is a core part of the growth of a small business. So, when you create an ad on Facebook or any other marketing platform, you want to reach as many people and create as many leads as possible, preferably targeted leads. Before AI, you could choose the demographic you want to see the ad, their location, age, and location. AI gives you a better deal where you can do more than this to field targeted ads where you can easily convert them to customers.

AI helps you target users who have a keen interest in what you are advertising and what you have to say. This is possible because the target audience is already almost identical to the existing customers.

There are platforms you can build websites without the need to code because of the tools they come with. An example is an online store builder. This is one of the best software for small businesses. The idea is to give the small business a little creative freedom while creating the website. The platform is well-curated to give options of how your online store will look like. This is just one platform. However, there are others like Sisense, Google cloud platform, chatbox, and many more, which have unique functions.

Using AI for your small business might look costly at first but eventually, you are going to see the value.

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