8 User-Friendly WordPress Themes in 2021

Charlotte Miller

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User experience is one of the most important aspects that dictate your website’s performance. When your visitors can navigate your website easily, they will be more likely to stay on your website and reduce your bounce rate.

To successfully give your visitors the best experience, there are several things to do, including having good WordPress hosting and picking a user-friendly WordPress theme. However, with the vast amount of themes available on the market, it can be quite jarring to find the right one.

In this article, let’s look at eight user-friendly WordPress themes widely used by many website builders. This will give you a general idea of what each theme has to offer and which theme suits your preference the most.

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  1. Hello Theme
    Elementor’s flagship theme, the Hello Themeis a ‘super’ WordPress starter theme, meaning it’s a lightweight, minimalistic blank theme, with no styling at all, except for basic browser compatibility styling (AKA reset.css).
    Originally, starter themes were mainly used by developers, who wanted a clean theme they could customize with code. Nowadays, with the power of Elementor’s Theme Builder, there are many advantages to using a blank theme and customizing your entire site parts using Elementor, without having to deal with conflicts or code.
  2. Divi

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes available on the market. Created by Elegant Themes, Divi offers thousands of website layouts and elements suitable for almost any purpose, including event announcement, portfolio, and eCommerce.

Divi proud itself with its intuitive visual editor that allows users to customize their website layout with a wide range of features. Tasks such as adjusting text size, changing color schemes, or adding effects and animations can be done easily with few simple clicks.

An advanced code editor is available if you prefer to customize your WordPress theme further using custom CSS. Divi also allows you to quickly change the editor to mobile device view to help you adjust how your website appears on mobile phones and tablets.

This wide array of customization options allows you to shape your theme according to your preferences and ensure that your user will get the best experience. Divi also offers hundreds of premade templates to help you jumpstart your website.

To use Divi’s themes and all of the features, you can either choose the yearly access for $89/year or the lifetime access with a one-time fee of $249. Both plans include access to all Divi’s features, hundreds of website packs, and unlimited website usage.

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  1. Astra

Astra is a highly customizable WordPress theme that quickly established itself as one of the favorite choices for the platform. It can be used to create various types of websites with its wide range of available features.

What makes it preferable for most people is because Astra is highly compatible with popular page builder plugins like Beaver Builder and Elementor. This makes it easier for users to customize downloaded templates using those tools.

Astra also provides excellent website performance. It can load its page content within half a second, which is the ideal page load time for most website visitors. This is possible due to its smaller size and use of default WordPress data which optimize every piece of its code.

In terms of design, Astra provides you with more than 150 ready-to-import website templates, ranging from an online furniture store to a podcast website. All of these templates are fully customizable to suit your needs.

Astra is available to use for free with limited features. However, if you want full access to its more advanced functionality, Astra Pro is available starting from $47/year. This includes pro add ons, more than 100 free starter templates, and unlimited website usage.

  1. Ultra

Ultra is one of the WordPress themes created by Themify, which is suitable for most general websites, including eCommerce. It is fully customizable from header to footer easily using the intuitive drag and drop editor.

Ultra offers numerous layouts and styles for different parts of the website, including the header, single posts, archive, and preset colors. This allows you to create a personalized look to each page of your website.

page of your website

If you need to set up your website quickly, Ultra has design skins and pre-made website designs. These templates can be imported with just a single click, a time saver for those who want to start their website right away.

Using Ultra will also give you access to 12 bonus builder addons, including countdown, maps pro, pricing table, and WooCommerce. Use these addons to further the functionality of your website, including adding online store features.

Ultra is available with a one-time fee starting from $59, where you will get access to the theme and one year of support and updates from Themify.

  1. OceanWP

OceanWP is another WordPress theme to consider when you want to make a user-friendly website. It has amazing customization options which help you fulfill your ideal website vision.

There are more than 130 website templates to choose from, with new ones coming every week. The templates cover a wide range of website purposes, and they work seamlessly with Elementor and other WordPress page builders.

Customize your chosen template to better suit your needs and preferences by changing the layout, color schemes, and typography. 

Other customization options also make it possible for you to adjust the header style, enable the top bar to add additional features, and change the mobile menu with three different styles.

OceanWP integrates easily with WooCommerce to help you build an online store with your website. It also comes with several extensions, including Elementor Widgets, Woo Popup, and Ocean Hooks to add more customization options and functionality to your website.

OceanWP offers some pricing options starting from $27/year for one website. With this price, you will get all the themes and extensions, as well as a year of updates and support.

  1. X

X is a great theme, especially for those who just started to work with WordPress. It uses a live page builder called Cornerstone, which is a WYSISYG editor. This means that users don’t have to go back and forth to the admin panel to make some adjustments to their website.

Cornerstone also offers other features such as intuitive undo/redo history, dark mode, custom workspaces, and a simple mode to make your website building tasks easier.

X has a number of designer-made templates with different website styles from Design Clouds. These well-designed templates will help you to get a quick start in website building.

website building tasks easier

X also comes with a bundle of extensions, including Google Analytics integration, Disqus Comments, and Woo Checkout Editor. 

Pricing plans for X start from $59 for six months of support from THEMECO. Included with this price are dozens of popular plugins, hundreds of design assets, and ongoing updates.

  1. Avada

Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme that has been in the market for more than seven years. This became its strength to prove that it successfully fulfills its customers’ needs by providing efficient and fast WordPress themes.

Like most of the entries in this list, Avada uses an intuitive drag and drop builder that makes it possible for users to build their websites without using any code. Avada also has a header, layout, and footer builder to further personalize your pages.

To hasten your website building process, Avada provides 82 pre built website templates, which are 100% SEO optimized and compatible with Yoast SEO.

The Avada license is available starting from $60 for six months of support from ThemeFusion.

  1. Storefront

Are you looking for a nice theme for your online store website? Storefront can be a good choice for you. Storefront is developed and maintained by the WooCommerce team themselves, making it the best pair for the popular eCommerce plugin

Storefront is based on the popular Underscore starter theme used by Automattic. It is responsive, flexible, and streamlined. Its simple and clean UI is customizable with either a WordPress customizer or custom plugins.

Although it has fewer customization options than other themes in this list, Storefront compensates it with impeccable integration with WooCommerce. Users don’t have to worry about conflicts between plugins and the theme when they receive a major WooCommerce update.

What’s better is that Storefront is completely free to use, perfect for you who have a limited budget for website development. However, Storefront can be customized further using their exclusive extension catalog for a one-time $69 fee.

  1. The7

The7 is another highly customizable WordPress theme in the market. It has a feature called 1000+ Theme Options that allows users to craft and shape the elements of their website with extensive customization options.

With its advanced and unique page template system, each page on your website can be customized and get a specialized touch. Choose layouts for your header, sidebar, footer, and 250 other settings to further personalize your website.

This theme also comes with exclusive plugins that can enhance your website’s capabilities, as well as more than 40 premade website templates to help you start your website quickly.

The7 is cheaper compared to its competitors. It is accessible with a one-time fee of $39, which includes six months of support from Dream-Theme.


A good user experience is one of the keys to improving your website’s performance. Visitors who feel comfortable navigating through your website will be more likely to stay on it, use your services, or even purchase a product.

In this article, we learned about eight user-friendly WordPress themes to help you get an idea of which one to choose. The list includes:

  • Divi
  • Astra
  • Ultra
  • OceanWP
  • X
  • Avada
  • Storefront
  • The7

Knowing what each theme has to offer and their different pricing plans, deciding which theme is the best for your WordPress website is certainly easier. If you made a decision, it’s time to start building your website!