11 Practical Tips for Faster Growth of Your Digital Marketing Agency

Charlotte Miller

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Digital marketing is high in demand, but the competition is also just as tough. There are many giants in this field that have already taken over the first page of all search engines. While this competition makes things difficult for newer and smaller companies, the abundance of opportunities ensures everyone gets something. However, you have to work smart.

In the field of digital marketing, if you don’t grow your business, you are going backward. It’s important that you keep struggling to grow instead of settling at one point, or it will be too difficult to survive in the industry. 

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This article is for all the professionals responsible for running a digital marketing agency. Here you will find experience-based tips on how to grow a digital marketing agency. 

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Build Your Company as a Brand

A brand is any name that is recognized in its industry. As a digital marketing agency, you promote many other businesses; however, many forget to invest in the marketing of their own company. 

Utilize inbound and outbound marketing practices to get yourself recognized by your potential clients and partners. Your position in the market becomes much stronger when you have a name. The overall worth of your company significantly increases when you become a brand, even when you are going under.

Save Time Explaining Your Worth

Every client doubts your abilities until he has worked with you and had a great experience. They don’t know if you even have the experience and skills you claim. Digital marketing requires a creative mind, critical thinking, and experience. 

Becoming a brand is proof in itself that you know what you are doing. You won’t have to explain to your prospects that you are a good company that can deliver what it promises. 

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Easier to Retain Customers

It’s no secret that customers are more loyal to brands. There are many giant examples where the product or service of a company is just average, but their branding is very powerful. 

Apple has seen the worst of controversies that proved unethical practices on their side, and still, it stands as the biggest brand in the world with loyal customers. 

Optimize Business Processes

Just getting more sales is not enough; you also have to maximize profitability for the long-term growth of your business. 

Your expenses grow exponentially as your company grows. To cover all the expenses of management, branding, and research and development, you have to increase the profit margins, all the while sustaining the quality of your service. 

As a service-based business, you can only optimize business processes to achieve this goal. This cuts unnecessary actions, manpower, and time. 

An optimized business process ensures:

  • Consistency
  • Minimal risk
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Streamlined operations
  • Better quality assurance

All these rewards help your business drop unnecessary weight, become stronger, and grow faster. When someone asks how to scale a digital marketing agency, this is the first thing they should consider. 

Basic Steps To Optimize Processes

  1. Create a detailed flow diagram.
  2. Analyze which processes take the most time and resources.
  3. Identify opportunities to save time and resources.
  4. Implement the new optimized process.
  5. Monitor how it performs. 

Outsource Link Building Work 

Every digital marketing company has to build backlinks for its clients. It’s a crucial part of every campaign that helps build online authority, spread brand awareness, and increase website traffic. 

However, it’s a hectic and time-consuming task that can cause many projects to delay. It’s not something that requires a lot of experience or a creative mind; you need those things when creating a strategy. 

Once you have built a solid plan, all practices, including link building, are executed according to it. 

Outsourcing all link building allows you to take on larger projects and meet even the most strict deadlines. Furthermore, these specialized service s can actually deliver better quality than you without comprising any rights to confidentiality. 

You might feel that it will minimize your profit margin if you outsource a task, but in the longer run, you get to execute larger projects and make new clients. 

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Focus on Retaining Customers

Attracting new customers costs five times more than retaining existing customers. 

You can save a big amount and a lot of time by focusing on your current clientele. You shouldn’t stop marketing for new clients, but you shouldn’t ignore the ones already running your business. 

Follow practices that build customer loyalty so they keep working for you. Instead of trying to get the most out of them in the shortest time, work with the aim to make them happy.

They will keep working with you as long as they are happy. They will start looking for an alternative, and there is no shortage of them, as soon as they feel any greediness from your side. 

Having long-term clients keeps your business stable and makes it easier to achieve bigger goals. 

Train Your People

Services businesses are too dependent on their employees. Digital marketing is not like a product that you can keep producing following the same method using a machine. 

It’s the people that provide the service, and your service is only as good as your employees. 

If you want to improve your service, you must improve your workforce. 

It doesn’t mean that you should keep replacing them with new recruits. If you only hire the most experienced and skilled professionals, you will have to pay higher salaries, which significantly reduces your profit margin. 

A better practice is to train your current employees according to their roles. You don’t have to make them master every skill in digital marketing. 

Different people work at different phases when executing a project. You just need to optimize their skills in that phase. If possible, hire more people and assign smaller roles to each of them. 

It would be much easier to master one small role, and it won’t affect your business even if they leave your company.  

Have Case Studies to Show

You are a business providing digital marketing services to help others promote their business. If you are doing this for others, you should also show them how to grow a digital marketing agency. 

You can’t explain these things with words; you have to show them. You can do this by showing the success of your own company. 

Create a case study for every little thing you are offering to show how you did it for your own business. 

For example, you should make sure your company is ranked for the keywords you targeted. 

A detailed case study with all practices you followed and the results they showed says more than enough about your skills. 

You can either create one big case study or design multiple short case studies for every single of your services. 

Partner Up with Influencers

A digital marketing company is no stranger to influencer marketing. You have been doing this for your clients, and you need to do this for yourself too.

One problem, most influencers in the field of digital marketing are also your competitors. 

This means you have to come up with a way to use their help while also benefitting them. Leading digital marketing experts have promoted other digital marketing service providers many times. 

You can do the same, but try not to come into their direct competition. 

The key to success from influencer marketing is to think about mutual benefit. If you are focused on hogging all the benefits, the influencer won’t work with you for long. 

You have to get them seriously involved by offering a share or some other incentive. 

This way, the referral clients will already have built trust in you because you were recommended to them by someone they trust. 

Put Effort in Upselling

You already have clients that might be taking one or more of your services. If they are running a business that requires one service of a digital marketing company, there is definitely a need for other relevant services. 

They either haven’t realized it yet, or maybe they have someone else providing that service. 

Learn the art of upselling and convince them to test other services you offer. 

For example, if you are running PPC campaigns for them, tell them how your SEO services can be beneficial in the long run. 

You can’t always keep running after new clients without utilizing the current clientele to their full potential. However, make sure you don’t try to push them or do follow-ups; just sharing your message once is more than enough. 

Furthermore, don’t try upselling at a time when the client is delighted with your work. If he is already complaining about high prices or delays, you can’t expect him to trust you with more responsibilities. 

The best time to upsell another service to clients is when you get positive feedback. 

Start Affiliate Programs for Clients

Almost all businesses start with affiliate programs when they can’t afford to invest in marketing. Affiliate programs are so efficient that even all large enterprises use them as a part of their sales strategy. 

You basically offer bonuses, incentives, or discounts to your clients for referring you to other people. 

A programmer knows a lot of programmers, and a marketer knows a lot of marketers. We are in touch with many people in our field. This means your clients also know a lot of people in their field who are your potential customers.

Besides, word-of-mouth marketing is an effective tactic. Customers believe in the reviews of other customers. 

Use your current clientele to acquire new clients. It doesn’t require any marketing or investment. You only give an incentive to the referral that also usually in the form of discounts. 

Attract Feedback on Public Forums

Your company can only grow if it gets more projects and has enough people to execute them. It’s important that you have a skilled and reliable team, but it’s even more important to keep getting work. 

If you want to get more projects, you need to create a great image of your company. 

Customers believe reviews of other customers, but only if they are not embedded on your official website. Every educated man knows that the developer can add any fake testimonials he wants. 

That’s why you need to register your business on public forums and attract positive there. 

The most important public forum is Google My Business. 

When someone searches a relevant query or your brand name, your listing should appear on top, and there should more than enough testimonials to prove your skills. 

Offer Free Consultation and Audit

Sometimes a prospect will visit your website or see your contact but won’t take the final step. 

If you are studying the bounce rate of your landing pages, you would know how many potential clients you have already missed. 

This is why you have to give them one strong push to take that important step. 

They don’t want to engage with you because they don’t trust you and are uncertain if it will be a waste of their time. 

Offer them free consultation and audit of their website. It takes only two minutes and doesn’t cost you anything extra if you have a subscription to a premium tool like Ahrefs and SEMrush. 

This way, the client thinks that at least he will get some knowledge and directions free of cost. Once you provide him useful information, he begins to trust you. 

Since you helped him identify potential threats and opportunities, he is more willing to rely on your abilities. 

Furthermore, use lead magnets to get the email addresses of your prospects and run an email sequence to build trust.