7 Stylish Ottomans That’ll Save Space

Charlotte Miller

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For many years, couches and chairs are known to be one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room. However, in the past few years, a new game-changer came into the scene and it’s called an ottoman. It’s an item of seating furniture which is in the middle of a chair and a couch. This is often made with soft cushions, but it doesn’t come with back support. It is the perfect accent to the living room beside a coffee table. 

These ottoman chairs come in different styles and colors, and it is one reason most interior designers love to use this to accentuate a room. Another breakthrough invention is designing these ottomans with a special feature to store items. In this article, we will look at some of the most stylish storage ottoman pieces that can help save space in your living room. Let’s begin.

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  • An ottoman coffee table

One of the most stylish pieces to use in your living room is the ottoman coffee table. It comes in different designs and sizes that will fit best in your living room’s theme. These coffee tables are often built with a bookshelf at the bottom or another tier for other items. You can choose this if you want a functional piece in your living room.

  • Small chairs with storage

Another piece of ottoman that will surely save some space in your living room is the small ottoman storage chairs. These can easily be placed on the corner of the room or beside your sofa. It can serve as an additional seating piece and it can also serve as the storage for extra throw pillows or jackets.

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  • Square-type ottoman

If you have an enormous living room and you want to add another accent to highlight your center table, you put two square-type ottomans on each side. It’s a stylish way to fill the empty space plus it’s also an additional storage space for anything you want to store in the living room.

  • Storage bench

A storage ottoman bench is best to use in the bedroom. Some people put it at the end of their bed. It’s an elegant way to add a chair to sit on while you’re getting dressed and it’s also helpful to store some of your extra clothes and belongings in the bedroom. But, of course, you can also use this in the living room if it goes with the rest of your furniture.

  • Round ottoman

A round ottoman is often used for small spaces as extra chairs. It’s best to place it beside the center table or at the end of the sofa. These round ottomans are also a great way to add contrast to your living room. Some people choose stiff and square furniture in the living room, which makes it a round ottoman with a breath of fresh air.

  • Tufted storage ottoman

The tufted ottoman looks elegant and sophisticated if it is paired with your couch and center table. The best thing about this is that there are designs that are built with internal storage which can have a functional use in your living room as well.

  • Leather ottoman

If you are looking for a unique ottoman, you can opt to buy a leather storage ottoman. These often come with a hardcover which can be used as an additional table in the living room. Since ottoman is often upholstered, these types of the ottoman will truly stand out among the rest.

How do I organize my ottoman?

The best way to organize your ottoman is by creating a layout of your living room. In that way, you will have an idea where to put each of the furniture. Keep in mind that an ottoman is not just a piece of decorative furniture to leave in the room. Make sure that you will put it in an area where it can easily be used. For instance, if you put it in the corner and no one can sit on it, there’s no point in having the chair in the first place.

Another factor that you need to consider is the design. No matter how edgy and eclectic the ottoman is, if it doesn’t go with the design of the entire room, there’s no point in buying it. If you want to organize your ottoman neatly, choose the ones that will complement the overall aesthetic of your living room. You can opt for contrast, but make sure that it is consistent with the rest of the furniture.


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