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Charlotte Miller

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Tips for a Positive and Successful Distance Education Experience

Online learning can be a superb way to obtain a degnree. Successful online learning requires that participants remain motivated, self directed and focused.

When signing up for an online course it is important to understand and recognize that the learning process will be different than that of a traditional course attended in a classroom setting.

Here are five tips to enrich the online learning process making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Commit to the Learning Process

In order perform well in an online learning course, a participant is required to remain self-directed, motivated and committed to the course timelines. While online learning provides ample freedom and flexibility in the learning process it also requires self discipline and a need to ensure that all reports, papers, quizzes, tests and projects are completed on time and in accordance with the course outline.

Communicate Frequently

Online learning is facilitated through a variety of virtual learning which can be implemented in a variety of forums which include online presentations, reading assignments, papers, projects, tests, quizzes, videos and more. The majority of the communication that occurs throughout the online learning experience is in the form of written communication.

Make it a point to communicate regularly via email with the instructor regarding questions, comments or clarification on the course material. The instructor is responsible providing guidance, support and assistance as it is needed.

Instructors expect participants to ask a variety of questions throughout the duration of the course. When participants do not ask clarifying questions or seek assistance when it is needed, they can quickly fall behind in the curriculum which will negatively impact the online learning experience.

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Find a Comfortable Learning Environment

Make it a priority to find a quiet place to work on the course. Whether it be in the library or in an at-home office, it is important to secure a comfortable spot to work on course material, assignments, tests, projects and papers with minimal distraction.

Prior to signing up for an online class review the course and computer requirements. Some classes will require specific software configurations, web browser requirements and plug ins.

Find a best Online Learning Platform For you

You would be surprised how many great learning platforms are out there. All of them are unique platforms that are different in price and course structure, some of them are accredited and some are not. Explore additional value by seeking discounts on online courses, ensuring an affordable yet enriching learning experience. Here are the few from IMHO Reviews list:

  1. Udemy 
  2. LinkedIn Learning
  3. Skillshare
  4. edX
  5. Udacity
  6. Coursera
  7. Futurelearn

Schedule Study Time

Outline course goals, projects, assignments, tests and deadlines and then create a weekly study schedule. Time management is a critical component of online learning. Whether it is one hour per day five days a week, 2 hours every other day or 5 hours on the weekend, set aside time to study and complete assigned tasks.

Many students create and follow a consistent study schedule that allows them to excel in their studies while meeting other important needs including family time, leisure or sporting activities and work obligations.

Participate in Class Regularly

When attending an online learning course students are expected to participate and engage in the learning process. Make it a priority to log into the virtual classroom every other day to see how others are progressing as well as to check for curriculum changes, instructor feedback or updated questions and answers.

Join class chats and online group discussions to pick up on key learning points, brainstorm with peers, find answers to questions and enhance the learning experience.

Success can be achieved in online learning by committing to the learning process, communicating with the instructor, setting aside time for study and participating regularly in virtual classrooms. Online learning can be a fulfilling experience and a great way for learners to further their education.