Why Women’s IPL is still not possible 

Charlotte Miller

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The Women’s IPL has been again talked about. The women players feel that the IPL platform is necessary for them to shape up their careers.  Kate cross, an England women player, had tweeted a post that also features a quote from Star all-rounder Ben Stokes. The all-rounder wants women cricket players to play the franchise cricket tournaments which the men play, and he also wants the women’s players to feature in the men’s franchise of the IPL. 

The women cricketer who is in the hall of fame also reckons the same. Lisa Sthalekar echoed the same comments which Kate cross made, and he too included a star name like KL Rahul in the tweet. Rahul also commented that he is for the women’s IPL, and he wants a women’s franchise from Punjab. The team which Rahul has been the captain since IPL 2020 season. 

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The limitations of the Women’s IPL

The critics say that there are no high-quality players and star members who could help start the tournament like women’s IPL. The domestic and international Indian payers are the important players in an IPL tournament. Then the overseas stars come in to add the firepower. 

Women cricket in India has been evolved over the past decade, and the BCCI also has 22 players who get the annual contract. These players are the most important members of the Indian Women Cricket Team. 

The women’s cricket players currently play the 50 over format, the ODDIs and the shortest format, the T20 Internationals. But they rarely play the Test format, and India is currently playing just the one test against England after 2014. 

The women cricket players who are not part of the BCCI annual contract list work in a full-time job profession to take care of their cricketing needs. And the reason the former Indian women team captain, Daina Enduji, said that there are no quality players available to start a full flesh tournament like Women’s IPL. 

Indulge said that all are being to ambitus for the start of the IPL for women. But it is not easy. They need to build a domestic structure first, and because of the gap, all will know the domestic scenes and the structures with that, how the players will do in the 50 overs formats. 

The former Indian women’s skipper Shubangi Kulkarni did not agree to Endulji’s comments on the talents pool matching according to India’s international standards. She does not believe that there is a lack of talent in women’s cricket in India. Just because many watch men’s cricket more and play fearless cricket, it does not mean that women players are not talented. Shubangi has supported the women’s IPL, and she spoke about the benefits which the women cricketers in India would get. 

She said to look at the men’s team and what the IPL has done for them. The men cricketers play in front of the huge crowds, and they get to play with the national players, and they also share the dressing rooms with the international players. That gives confidence for them, and they come out the string on the field. The women cricketers can also learn so much like men cricketers as they would happen to them. 

The Wonder Women of the Indian Team and the ODI captain, Smriti Mandhana, also baked to have an IPL tournament for the Women. Like Shubangi Kulkarni, Smriti also believes that there is an immense talent in the women players, and she said that they had performed brilliantly in the last three to four years and the average of the women cricket players is just 23 to 24. The women cricketers will get much confidence through this tournament. The young players of the men’s team are not nervous about facing the bowlers who bowl at 145 to 150 speeds, and the league has played an important part in that, and it also helps the women’s cricketers in India. She added that if anyone wants the women cricket in India to strong, then the tournament like the IPL should be started. 

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The future of Women’s IPL

The fans are watching the women cricket, and they will watch the women’s IPL too. The Women’s T30 Challenge received a good response last year, and this year, the tournament got the nod. But it was not possible due to the Corona Virus issue in the country. Because of that, the first half of the IPL also got postponed. 

Three teams in the Women’s IPL and the BCCI have planned to add one more team. But they will also ensure the biosafety of the players from the COVID threat. But the future does not appear good for franchise cricket in the country. Still, Sourav Ganguly expressed aq positive thoughts on the women’s IPL 2022. 

Ganguly said they would add one more team in the Women’s IPL, and in years to come, BCCI will add seven or eight teams to make it like a men’s IPL. But for some time, the women team should be patient. The Women’s IPL will give continuing results and sponsoring propels will also produce the women stars in Indian Team. 

If the Indian women have won both those world cup games, the IPL 2021 live streaming for the women would have been started by now. The new players like Shafali Verma, Jemimah Rodrigues and many young players could have been a bigger star in women cricket because of the IPL. Now they are just household names. 

The women team will have to be happy with the Women’s T20 Challenge, and the day will not nor far when there will be a Women’s IPL, and we all are cheering for teams like Bangalore and Mumbai or Chennai. Just like now, we cheer for Virat, Rohit and Dhoni.