Why API Quality Is Top Priority for Developers?

Charlotte Miller

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It is a well-known fact that the API has now become an integral part of the business, it is a crucial part of each and every operation. Also, as per survey results in comparison to 2019, 61% developers will have used more APIs in 2020. Nowadays every business has some set processes and when it is backed up by API then it makes the work more effective. API integration solutions have become a trustworthy game changer of any business module as it performs consistently. Also due to COVID pandemic the companies who were facing issues due to lack of standardization, opted for fast-track API adoption.

API integration for e-commerce is a need of time as this is one of the fast-moving segments during and post pandemic. The e-commerce websites have integrated different API functionalities in their website which could make them perform better and, in a user- friendly manner.  Payment API, Order API, Courier API, Shipping API integration, these are some of the important modules of API integration in e-commerce business.

Another survey report by State of API in 2020, has some interesting findings which shows the likeness of people towards API. Some of the main points are given below:

  1. More than 50% of the cloud-service providers have cited API as their preference.
  2. As per 65% of the respondents, microservices drive API growth.
  3. Also, almost 58% of the total organizations list that the biggest challenge of standardization is resolved by API.

In today’s world, businesses are adopting digital transformation and that too at a fast pace by using API and its different modules.

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APIs Are Everywhere

It is very much evident that today APIs are finding their way, here, there, and everywhere. In almost all the mobile applications used by the end -users, be it on mobile, tablet, laptop, system or any other digital device, the APIs are embedded. It helps the companies to perform various functions automatically which makes them more interactive, intuitive, informative, attractive as well as useful for the end users.

If something is there in the market, then their competitors do exist. And to be beyond them, APIs know how to build a trust and reliability channel with the consumer which helps them to sustain in the market.

The best part of API is that just like the codes, the quality of the API can also be quantified and below mentioned are some of the parameters which helps to measure the quality of API:

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  • Robustness

It actually refers to the quality where one accepts everything but sends only what is relevant. Hire Dedicated Developers who should have a clean understanding on how the API channel will respond in case they come in contact with the bad requests, would it even respond on how the problem can be fixed further. Also, a thing to be noted is that without breaking the API contact, the codes can be re-structured.

How to Achieve It?

The conventional automated tests, fuzz testing etc. helps to discover the hidden issues or ways of execution. Other ways of exposing the APIs are canary and blue green deployments.

  • Consistent

A regular decent performance is the need of any platform and so is the consistency considered as a key to measure the quality. And change is API should be compatible with their older versions as well and also the existing users should not be negatively impacted by that particular change. So, it is always advisable to check the compatibility of the change before making it happen.

How to Achieve it?

This can be handled by performing Integration testing and API contract testing, these tests helps to identify the changes at the ground level of their build structure. Reviewing the code can also help to catch any kind of flaw which is breaking the synch of API integration.

  • Secure

It is one of the key components of measuring the quality as the more it I secure the more they will be able to perform consistently. Thus, developers should always address all the possible and expected vulnerable risks beforehand only. The secure API is a must for all kinds of deployments. The secure endpoints of the API should be having some authentication gateway.

How to Achieve it?

If one follows the policy of least privilege, then the API can be secured. As per this principle the users are granted only the minimum and required access to complete the given function. It should be applied to all the APIs. Also, one should use a strong authentication or a tool of authorization like OpenID connect, OWASP guidance is also a must. One should also encrypt the coming traffic through TLS. 

  • Discoverable

The APIs are usually well documented and finitely structured which helps in their easy accessibility. Also, this quality of being easily discoverable makes them easy to utilize as well very easily it can be integrated with the different kinds of other solutions.

How to Achieve it?

One should profile the API in the growing number of API directories. One can use API Harmony, Exicon directory, Rapid-API.com, Mashape etc. to account the database of visitors from different social media profiles. Also, to make the API machine readable, one has to leverage the discovery format of the API. Also, to open the API on a huge scale one can partner with Zapier or IFTTT. Keyword is another important aspect to make your API discoverable by improvising the SEO with the target keyword.

  • Resilient

APIs can be considered as resilient only if they are able to operate and perform in the condition of adverse situations. Like, in case the website faces heavy traffic, or the capacity is low or can be called a down database. Thus, developers do a thorough study and test the APIs against several uncertain conditions to check the sustainability power of the API module.

How to Achieve it?

There are certain processes to examine on which conditions will the APIs fail like Load testing, Manual quality assurance or engineering chaos. Deploying the API to cloud service providers solves a big issue of maintaining the big infrastructure and utilizing that time in developing some new functionalities for the end-users. Re-using the existing assets and improving scalability can make the APIs resilient.


The above points states that being part of the API economy is the topmost priority of the business executives and the number is higher in the telecom industry. The API design which focuses on the complete blend of usability, functionality and experience of the developer can be easily measurable on the above given parameters. And any investment which is made to pave the way of building the quality APIs , helps in building and maintaining the trust of API consumers.