Why Taking Action Immediately after an Accident Is Important

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Why Taking Action Immediately after an Accident Is Important

So you were in a car accident. As the hazard lights are flashing, and you are exchanging insurance information there are many things to consider. One thing that puts personal injury cases in danger is when people and their insurance company adjusters do not believe the victims have suffered significant injuries. Many people believe that if their bodies are not wincing in pain, or they don’t have any visible wounds on their bodies, they don’t have a personal injury case.

It’s a huge mistake for you to allow the insurance company to decide your fate; that is why you must read this article immediately after a car crash. You’ll be shocked to know the physical damages that appear months after the police report or accident report is made may never heal, even with proper medical treatment. Some motor vehicle accidents cause severe pain or, in some cases, a permanent disability.

For this reason, before calling the insurance company, it is logical to contact an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles if an accident occurs before reaching the insurance adjuster. This will keep you from losing the compensation you fully deserve due to someone else’s fault. Let’s get into why you should take action immediately after an accident.

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Not All Injuries Will Be Visible

You and the insurance company might think all the injuries will be visible after a car accident. But when it comes to you on your body, that’s not how it works. In a car wreck, accident injuries may remain invisible to the eye because there are no physical cuts or bruises.

Pain from a hit or skull strike, including extreme pressure to some part of your body might be masked by pain-killing adrenaline immediately after the accident has occurred. However, you can rest assured that such injuries appear after some months and can cause severe pain. More importantly, you can’t rule out that these injuries can cause even more damage to you in your later years.

Even if you look physically alright after the accident, you have to make sure to visit a doctor and let them know about the accident. You can then allow the doctor to perform a thorough examination. They can tell you whether a bone in your body has been injured or a muscle has conceded some damage. In either case, you need compensation for the medical expenses that would result from these injuries.

Furthermore, you also have to assess any future implications associated with such an injury. The only thing you can’t do is let go and forget. This is why it’s essential after the police arrive and speak to the other driver that, you seek medical attention, preferably by taking an ambulance to the hospital emergency room. After that, get a free consultation with a car crash lawyer before calling the insurance company.

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Damages Are Hard to Prove Up Later Down the Road?

A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can put you in contact with the right people who can provide you with the medical attention you need immediately after a car accident. This is so you can make sure any injuries you have sustained during the car crash caused by other drivers are highlighted at the right time.

Keep in mind delaying filing a lawsuit or reaching the doctor risks blowing the statute of limitations, ruining your chances of recovering maximum financial damages from the at-fault parties. Because of this, you won’t be able to build a strong case as part of the claims process. The reason for that is the disappearance of the physical damages with time. You can prove physical injuries easily when they are fresh by taking swift legal action to preserve evidence, including the at-fault party’s vehicle identification number, by forming an attorney-client relationship with the right car accident attorney after receiving a free consultation.

However, no matter when you call your insurance company after time has passed, they will be less visible. This means the deplorable insurance adjuster can associate your insurance claim with another accident, making it easier to accuse you of insurance fraud. That’s exactly what the defending party will do to you, as you will notice in the case. The other drivers involved and their insurance companies will try to blame some other incident for your injuries.

If, by chance, you have had any accidents during the time you had not filed the lawsuit, the chances increase. So, ensure a free case review before taking action against the parties involved and remain calm as your legal team takes over on your behalf. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles before you blow the entire car accident process with the insurance company immediately after a car crash case.

The Defendant Will Build a Case

The defendant (the other driver at fault) will use the police report to bludgeon you, looking for any inconsistency with the license plate number or anything else to prevent their insurance policy from paying your claim. Even a minor fender bender car accident can be turned around and blamed on you, hurting the entire process. As dramatic and movie-like as it may sound, if a car accident occurred, you are racing against time. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident case and the other driver is playing games. If you take action immediately after a car accident, the chances are that the other party is not yet prepared.

However, if you wait several months before you even talk to an attorney for car accidents in Los Angeles, then the defending party will have prepared something to weaken your case. Firstly, the fact that you took so much time can be shown as an argument that you were never injured and that your fresh pursuit of the case means different motives than obtaining personal injury compensations.

What you want to do is to get to the attorney as soon as possible. An auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles will immediately respond to your call, get information from you about the case, and start working on it to make sure your claim does not lose credibility due to wait and time wasted. A company like Ehline law firm has several professional attorneys and lawyers who can help you with your case as soon as possible. They have excellent experience in representing such cases and serving this industry to take your case in the right direction and bring you the rightful compensation before it is too late.

You’ll Never Be Convinced

They have this rule in sales: You can’t sell what you are not 100% convinced of. The same rule applies when you are pursuing a personal injury case. If you waste too much time, you will fail to get the defendant’s vehicle identification and license plate numbers. You could blow your case as many photos of the accident as possible when you exchange information. It could be too late when an expert finally tells you to call the police and NOT make a recorded statement with the insurance company.

You should never file a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles for pain, emotional distress, and property damages until you exchange insurance information and get a free legal consultation. You might not be fully convinced about the case in the first place. You might find yourself doing it because someone told you to, but there will be no conviction in your heart. This can damage your case because you will not sound convincing with your details.

Final Thoughts For Your Safety

In any matter of life, it makes sense to take action without delay. The fact is, a personal injury case is not just any matter. It is an essential point in your life that could completely overturn everything if you don’t take care of it the way you are supposed to. Suppose you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident. In that case, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Let them know the full details of the accident, eve the badge numbers and phone numbers of the local police and EMTs who showed up at the scene of the accident. Now they can work on getting you the settlement you deserve even though you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t forget you have a limited time to protect your rights, so don’t sleep on your rights. Act in your best interest by hiring the right car accident attorneys.


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