Why (& How) You Should Create a Podcast Transcript

Charlotte Miller

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The number of people listening to podcasts has gradually increased over the years. They tune in to either learn something or for entertainment. With such demand, individuals and companies are now striving to create unique content to get more audience. One aspect that will help you stand out in the podcast industry is by incorporating transcripts.

Podcast transcript is the word-for-word version of what you have spoken on your episodes. Read on to learn how these transcripts are a necessity.

Expand Your Audience

As the demand for podcasts grows, there is also a rise in diverse consumers. This implies some individuals who have hearing impairments or are deaf also want to enjoy the content. To ensure that you cater for such consumers, having transcripts on your episodes is crucial.

Using podcast transcripts will help you gain more listeners, which is the end goal. To explore effective ways of monetizing your podcast and turning your growing audience into a revenue stream, check out the valuable insights and tips at https://libsyn.com/podcast-monetization/. What is more, being aware that you have diverse listeners and catering for their needs will help build a good reputation in the industry.

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More Benefits from Each Podcast Episode

As a content creator, you want to make more from your content. By transcribing your audios, you have other areas you can indulge in. Let’s say you want to pool audiences through podcasts and blog posts. Doing the two separately can be time consuming and tiresome.

However, with the transcripts from your episodes, you can use the information to create your blog. All that will be needed are minimal edits and adding the relevant formats. Another way to expand your reach is to share your content via all social media platforms.

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Improves User Experience

As a podcaster, what should matter most are your listeners’ needs. Therefore, you should work on leaving a good impact on them. You ought to understand that you might have a set of audience who want to listen to your content; however, where they are might not be convenient for them. It could be that they are in a public means of transport and forgot to carry their earphones.

Some listeners have a hard time processing the information they have listened to. With transcripts, they are most likely to grasp what the content is all about. It could also be that a new listener has bumped into your podcast and want to have a hint of what it’s all about. With transcripts, they will scan through your content, and if you satisfy their niche, you will have an additional listener to your episodes.

Search Engine Optimization

As stated above, your main goal is to attract more listeners to your podcast channel. This is possible if you can be easily searched on the internet. Note that search engines do not have the capability of indexing audio; however, they do texts. Therefore, the search bots can pull out what is most relevant to your content with the audio transcripts.

Therefore, if a listener types in something related to your work, your content will come up. This helps increase rankings to your website, which can also potentially help you attract a new audience that was not aware of your channel.

Increases your Chances of Being Quoted

Podcast transcripts are also a great marketing strategy. Your listeners might have seen a good piece of information on your episode and want to quote it on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If the word-for-word version is not available in your episodes, they will have to transcribe them first. This is too much work that they will avoid implying that you’ll lose a chance of being quoted. With the transcripts, listeners can easily copy your work and share it across other social media accounts.

How to Create a Podcast Transcript

Now that you know the merits that transcripts have for your podcast channel, you’ll want to know how to create it. Note that you have three options on how you can make transcripts for your channel.

Do It Yourself

First, you can opt to do the work yourself. This option might be tiresome for you as it involves so much work to achieve the result. Also, it takes up more time than you would have used to focus on other aspects of your podcast channel.

Hire Someone

The second option to create a podcast transcript is by hiring someone to transcribe it for you. Even though it is a great idea, it might be an expensive option that is not ideal if you work on a tight budget.

Hire a Transcription Service

The last option is for you to rely on an audio transcription service. This is the best option as the software help generate all the transcripts automatically. It helps you save time and create more content for your listeners.


In a nutshell, to succeed in the podcast industry, it would be best that you incorporate an audio transcription service. This ensures that your content is more accessible on the web.