Everyday Fashion Hacks for Men You Must Know

Charlotte Miller

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Most of the men don’t really care much about fashion or styling. They just grab whatever’s the most convenient thing for them and put it on. If you are one of those then you should know that your style speaks volume about your personality. If you dress appropriately, you can land your dream job, or get the girl you like for a long time. Dressing up is not hard and we have some fashion hacks for men here to help you out. 

Many people really consider fashion as a stereotypical thing for women only which is incorrect. This is the modern era and everyone has the pass to slay the fashion game. So don’t be hesitant to dress to kill because there’s a competition out there and you got to win it! 

Here we are going to reveal some fashion hacks for men that can make you look the best every day! 

5 Fashion Hacks for Men to Help You Dress to Kill!

We are not going to tell you throw your whole wardrobe away and shop from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Here we will help you dress the correct way and make things work for your daily outfits. 

Little things matter a lot and here we will help you fix those little things with the some fashion hacks for men. 

So without any further ado, let’s level up your fashion game.

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  • Stop the Pants Pocket Flairs! 

Have you ever worn pants and the pockets just start to stick out like your hips have got ears? If it has happened to you then you know how embarrassing it can be and how wide it make your hips look. We are here to help you fix it. 

There are usually three reason behind it. First is that your pants are too tight, second is you chose the wrong pocket style, and lastly, the third reason is that you may be wearing pants too close to your hips. 

However you can try adjusting where you wear pants first, if that doesn’t work out then its either you have to wear different kind of pants or have your pockets altered. 

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There are three types of pockets:

  • Western Pockets: They are also known as horizontal pockets and are commonly seen on jeans and chinos. This kind of pockets don’t flair or stick out and are the best out of all.
  • Front Pockets: This kind of pockets are slanted and are usually seen on dress slacks, also known as formal pants. They don’t flair out unless you wear them incorrectly. It is preferred over the next pocket style. 
  • Vertical Pockets:  These are the least appreciated pockets. They are often seen on dress pants and they flair out if your pants don’t fit correctly. Firstly, if you’re getting tailor-made pants then avoid this type of pocket or have them perfectly done. 

This is one of the fashion hacks for men that not many people are aware of. And if you need to carry more than a few things then just go for bags & cases instead of overfilling your pockets. There are great fanny packs and shoulder bag options out there. 

  • The Correct Way to Hang Shirts

Moving on from pants, let’s talk about shirts. 

Have you ever taken your tee shirt off the hanger and felt like there are nipples on the shoulders? Well, that’s because woven shirts are stretchable and are not supposed to be hung at all. 

You should always hang woven shirts and fold the knitted shirts. Woven shirts are button-up shirts and dress shirts while knitted shirts are polos, sweaters, and tees. 

  • Use Accessories & Enhance Your Outfits

A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the accessories. Being one of the most useful fashion hacks for men, having the right accessories can complete your outfits. 

For instance, have one or two decent wristwatches that would go with most of your outfit. Add some cufflinks to your French cuff shirt, and grab some more shoes & accessories to fit your outfits. 

Other than that, you can add some enamel pins to your denim jackets, get some cool-looking pendants and chains, and some bracelets as well. Enamel pins are much of a better option if you want to add some personality to your style as they are often a representation of your hobbies and interests. Plus, they are also extremely affordable. You can easily get a hold of some cool enamel pins online. This is especially a great idea if you are into the punk or goth style or are looking for cost-saving tricks to enhance your outfits. It’s all about the vibe and you have to find yours by experimenting a little bit. 

Talking about your outfits, let’s move on to the next hack. 

  • Get Colorful but Adequately

Colors are like salt when it comes to fashion. You can put some flavor to your outfits with colors but not overdo it, For instance, you can have neutral colors including muted shades of blue as the main base of your outfit and add some pops to the outfit with some other colors. 

An outfit idea for you would be to wear a light blue shirt with an orange pocket square and a mid-blue sports jacket. Many people keep things very subtle such as using a white pocket square which makes the outfit look very bland and basic.

Add some colors but not too much of them, just a little pop is enough to get the desired results. 

  • Avoid Excess Dry Cleaning

This is not rocket science. Dry cleaning damages your clothes and reduces their life as well. You don’t need to send your suits, sweaters, jackets, blazers, or other wool clothes to dry cleaning after every wear. Unless it is visibly dirty, you can send it to a dry cleaner after 15 to 20 wears or once in the season. 

Now continuing this by adding another one of the useful fashion hacks for men and women, when the winter season ends, dry clean your wool clothing and then store it in an airtight container to avoid moth damage. 

Wrapping it Up

We hope that these fashion hacks for men are useful to you and you are on your way to the wardrobe to fix some things you were doing wrong. It takes a little time to get into the fashion so start by buying just one thing at a time and slowly you will be the making the heads turn every time you walk into the room!