Why Drink Fresh Ground Coffee Beans

Charlotte Miller

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Drinking water is one of the most important aspects of being a living species in this world. It is the most precious resource that we have since almost everything in this world needs it to survive. Based on research, it can be rather difficult to find something that would be able to live without it for long. Humans are a part of this aspect, as we cannot survive for three days without even a single drop, as this article tells us. For this reason, many areas all over the world consider this as the only resource they need to thrive.

However, our human minds are easily dissuaded and influenced by our surroundings. There are some additions in our life that may not be necessary for our survival, but they did change everything nonetheless. We always like to tinker with something that already exists, and we love doing it just for fun. For example, the history of adding something to the water to make it flavorful has been rather long. However, it has been rather influential in creating a wide range of beverages that we enjoy up to this day.

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The Best Kind Of Dark

One of the best examples is coffee, and it is the next most popular drink in the world after pure water. Some people describe it as a bitter drink with no redeemable value. However, most who drink it love the taste and the effect it brings to the body. There is a long list of ways that this dark drink can help our body, and it remains the main reason why people still drink it. Some experts think that it is the most acceptable drug in the world, right after sugar.

The main reason for this “addictive” quality is caffeine, a compound that is present in various plants. However, it has gotten its name from the coffee plant because it is the richest source of caffeine. It is a stimulant, meaning that it enlivens the nervous system. Once a good dose is taken, it keeps you awake and alerts you up until it loses its potency in your body. As you can see, this is the reason it is the favorite drink the morning after waking up or at night trying to stay awake.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of ways that you can take this drink. The most common way of preparing it is using hot water and consuming it while it is hot. On the other hand, the more modern way is by consuming it ice cold, and it became a real trend back in the early 2010s. Some countries have their particular ways as well, and add it to their meals, too. You will commonly find it in desserts, but there are some savory options as well that require a bitter and earthy note.

Most of these options are valid as there is not a single way that you can only enjoy coffee. However, there is one particular aspect that most people might argue upon the preparation of coffee beans. There is no denying that it would be best to have this drink from freshly grounded coffee beans when prepared with hot water. Some have thrived using instant or powdered coffee, which is respectable, especially if it is all that you can afford. Below are some other reasons why you would want it to be fresh.

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Why Get It Fresh

  • Better Flavor

This is one of the most apparent advantages of the fresh grind: better flavor. Instant coffee is great if you just want a quick caffeine fix at a given time. However, it does not have the earthiness and sweetness of the fresh ones. The oils are broken down during the process of powdering them, making instant options more bitter and acidic. Meanwhile, the beans will give it better flavor, and you can easily drink it on its own.

  • Higher Caffeine Content

On the other hand, this one is rather debatable as there are ways that you can add more caffeine to instant mixes. However, some of them will still get lost in making it more accessible to people. Meanwhile, you will get the right amount of caffeine from the beans as they are still retained in whichever process you may prefer. Some studies also say that consuming it fresh will make it better for you as it will also have more nutrients.

  • More Antioxidants

One of the first compounds that get lost in the instant mixes is the antioxidants. There are some “green” coffee options these days that will have this in their mixture. However, ground coffee beans will still have antioxidants without artificial processing.

It is also aided by caffeine, making it easier to be absorbed by the body. These antioxidants help prevent aging and may also contribute to a longer life. It also makes you look younger and helps in your daily activities, as this page agrees: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/antioxidants/.

  • More Versatile

Instant coffee will always have the same bitter note, and it is great if you like it. However, this particular taste is more apparent once you mix it with other things. There are also some cases wherein the coffee flavor itself will disappear because you need a lot more sugar or flavorings to mask the bitterness. On the other hand, fresher grinds will have better taste and would still come out even with heavier flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate. You would not miss its rich flavor, and you would end up appreciating it more than ever.

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  • Better For Mixing

As it is more versatile, freshly ground coffee will have more chances of mixing with other beans. You may see this more in high-end cafes where they mix the beans from other countries or kinds of coffee plants. With instant options, you will lose all the complexity, and the remaining is just a sludge of caffeine and misery. Meanwhile, you will have better choices with the ground ones since it would create a more interesting and complex combination.

Many people will say that coffee is nothing more than a dark beverage with a good aroma. When prepared right, though, it is one of the best things in life. You know that your day is already getting better with a good cup right at your hands.