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Bajaj group of companies is one of the most known companies and comes among the top 10 business houses in India. Motor Bajaj is the world’s largest three wheeler and two wheeler manufacturer. This company has its own word in the world of technology and is well known for its R&D product development process engineering and low-cost manufacturing skills. The company is the largest exporter of two and three-wheelers in the country, exports to 70+ countries through which there is a significant share of revenues. The company has three overseas subsidiaries namely Bajaj Auto International Holdings BVPT Bajaj Indonesia and Bajaj Auto (Thailand) Ltd.

Founded in 1962 and now ranked as the world’s fourth largest three and two wheeler manufacturer, well-known across several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and SouthEast Asia.

Let’s have a look on features of its few inventions

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The Bajaj Pulsar 250 is a bake which is comfortable for daily use. It has a seat of 795mm height, and offers ample support for the rider.

It provides power of precision with 300 MM front and 230 MM rear with bigger disc brakes.

If we talk about its features, some of those specific features are that it has a single cylinder, 4 stroke, and an engine of 250cc max power of 18 KW.

It is known as one of the most refined models of Bajaj autos as there is no vibration felt from the handlebar, footpegs, or any of the body panels. 

Pulsar 180 

The Bajaj Pulsar 180 has a unique design, it’s ultra stylish LED lamp makes your vision clear. It has a split seat for a comfortable ride. Split grab rails and colour-coded alloy wheels makes it vibrant in style. 

It has an ultrasafe brake system with 280mm front and 230mm rear disk brake.

It has an engine of 1495cc and max power of 10.3 KW.

It is powered by a 178.6 cc air-cooled engine which produces 10.3 KW power. 

It has a fuel tank of 15 L

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Pulsar NS 125

The glossy metallic paint and a wolf eyed headlamp is an eye-catching look for buyers.

It has a twin strip LED trail lamp which automatically dim and bright up.

Its anti-skid braking system is a combination with 240 MM front petal-disk and 130 MM rear drum brakes to keep your speed in control.

Its engine is 4-Stroke, SOHC 4-Valve, Air Cooled, BSVI Compliant DTS-i EI 

Its Max Power: 8.82 kW @ 8500 rpm.

Its Max Torque: 11 Nm @ 7000 rpm.

Pulsar 125

It is black in colour and is One of the most favourite of buyers Comes with first-class split seat and grab rails. Have sporty and vibrant 3-D neon headlights. 

240 MM ventilated front disc brake and have anti skid technology for quicker braking at any surface. It’s 1320 MM wheelbase ensured further stability. 

Its 5 step adjustable nitrox and telescopic front forks provides better handling and stability. 

The comfortable seat made up of premium material is an additional comfort to both rider and pillion.

Engine Type: 4-Stroke, 2-Valve, Twin Spark BSVI Compliant DTS-i 

Displacement: 124.4 cc

Max Power Pulsar 125 Split Seat8.68 kW (11.8 PS) @ 8500 rpm

Max Torque Pulsar 125 Split Seat10.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Pulsar 150

It has 10.3 KW (14BS) power and enhanced 13.25 NM torque.

Wolf Eyed headlamp, new body and red paint along with aggressive laser edged graphics makes it noticeable

The seat is designed in an upright position and 43 cm alloy wheels are designed for maximum comfort. Telescopic front forks and adjustable nitrox rear suspensions make the bike a delight to ride.

It’s 10.3 KW 14 PS powerful engine gives a smooth ride.

Engine Type: 4-Stroke, 2-Valve, Twin Spark BSVI Compliant DTS-i FI EngineDisplacement: 149.5 ccMax Power14 PS @ 8500 rpmMax 

Torque: 13.25 Nm @ 6500 rpm

No. of Cylinders: 1

Cooling System: Air Cooled