Why Do you Need a Travel/Health Insurance Plan Before Going to China?

Charlotte Miller

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China is one of the unique travel destinations globally, boasting a long history, rich culture, great architecture, natural wonders, and some of the most famous cities in the world. In China, you can get all the pleasures you would love to enjoy in a tourist destination.

To enjoy your China visit, you have to protect yourself against the unexpected, and the best way to do so is to get health and travel insurance.

Do You Need Health and Travel Insurance to Visit China?

While getting health insurance in China is not compulsory, it is highly recommended for anyone visiting the country. It is usually best to have it just in case of medical emergencies and other unexpected events than not have it.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you must protect yourself from sky-high medical expenses when in the country. On the other hand, travel insurance will give you the financial protection you need when in a foreign country.

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Benefits of Having a Health and Travel Insurance When Visiting China 

  1. Covid-19 

While the rate of Covid-19 spread has reduced significantly, thanks to the vaccines, we still live in the Covid times. The start and stop environment created by the pandemic is a reason enough for everyone to stay alert socially if they are traveling.

Not only does Covid-19 pose potential health risks that can attract enormous medical expenses, but it is also a threat to your finances. In the previous years, hotels, cruise lines, and airlines had to cancel services resulting in travelers requesting refunds.

Travelers with travel insurance were advantages as they only had to file for travel insurance claims for losses incurred due to cancellations. Having a China travel insurance could give you the same benefits.

With the current uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, you cannot afford to travel without health and travel insurance.

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  1. Driving

One of the reasons you will need an insurance plan for your China visit is the country’s state of roads and driving. Worth noting is that the roads in China are jam-packed; some of them are also not in the best condition.

The odds of getting involved in an accident are high, even if it is a fender-bender. What does this mean for you? Expenses in repairing damaged rental cars and even treating injuries. Without travel insurance, such eventualities can drill a hole in your pockets.

Depending on your cover level, you can get the financial support you need in repair and other associated expenses. In case of accidents, you can also get help from your policy for medical costs.

  1. Medical Expenses

China has several health risks, including malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, bird flu, hand, foot, and mouth disease, and even rabies. Having medical insurance will go a long way in ensuring you get the medical attention you need when exposed to such risks.

There are also some medical emergencies that you do not foresee that require the attention of healthcare professionals. A health insurance cover will get you the attention you need without straining you financially.

Emergencies like medical evacuations are expensive and can even cost you thousands of dollars upfront. With health insurance, you will not have to shoulder the costs.

While you have health insurance, it is essential to get the necessary vaccinations to reduce the likelihood of contracting viruses during your trip.

  1. Theft and Damage of Goods

The risk of theft is there in China, just like it would be in any other country. You could lose your phone to a pickpocket. Lose your goods in transit and even have valuables damaged during travel. Sometimes, honest mistakes happen at the airport, and a traveler can mistakenly pick up your belongings, and you are left stranded.

This is why travel insurance is essential. It covers your belongings from theft, damage, and loss. You don’t have to handle the confusion of losing goods and the stress that comes with the financial implications of loss at the same time.

While travel insurance can cover lost and damaged goods, things can get complicated when it comes to documents. That is why you are advised to keep your passport and other important documents where you cannot lose them. It is also wise to have copies of your passports and other sensitive documents.


Medical emergencies, loss, and damage of belongings should be anticipated when traveling. Hedging yourself with health and travel insurance will go a long way in reducing stress when the unexpected happens.

While having health and travel insurance is not compulsory, you are better off having it than not. It will ensure that your trip does not get disrupted when you lose your belongings or when they get damaged. In case of medical emergencies, your health insurance will ensure you get urgent medical attention.