8 Films On Pandemics That Will Alter Your Mind

Charlotte Miller

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A pandemic is “an infectious disease epidemic that spreads throughout a broad region, numerous continents, or possibly the whole planet.” With all of the recent upheaval in the globe, it’s no surprise that people are concerned about pandemics and their capacity to change history. A good pandemic film is something we all like. They’re exhilarating, intriguing, and always make us think twice about stepping outside. But what if we approached pandemic films in a different way? What if, rather than viewing them as pleasure, we saw them as educational materials? Here are a few films on pandemics that will make you think differently.

  • Contagion

The first film that springs to mind is about a lethal illness that kills in a matter of days. The movie does a fantastic job of illustrating how a pandemic might swiftly spiral out of hand, wreaking havoc on the planet. It demonstrates how quickly a virus may evolve and become more lethal, as well as how human activity can aid in its spread. It also portrays the problems of containing a pandemic realistically. The plot follows the survivors as the virus wipes out a large percentage of the population and they try to discover a means to stop it. In addition, the film considers the possibility of a pandemic causing social collapse. Furthermore, one can easily download this film via RarBG

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  • The Infectious Disease

This film examines some of the world’s most lethal diseases and how they have influenced history. It includes footage from previous outbreaks as well as talks with specialists on the topic. The video examines how these illnesses have affected human communities and what lessons may be drawn from them. It also looks at the prospect of future pandemics and what might be done to avoid them. The film also gives an insight into the brains of individuals who research and fight to avoid these diseases.

  • 28 Days Later

This film takes place in the United Kingdom after a pandemic has killed the majority of the people. In this film, the infection turns humans into rage-filled zombies that want to infect others. The plot follows a group of survivors as they attempt to escape the illness and reach the refuge. The movie does a fantastic job of demonstrating how a pandemic might impact the globe and how people respond to it. It also discusses the significance of collaboration in the face of a pandemic.

  • The Andromeda Strain

This film is based on Michael Crichton’s novel and follows a group of scientists dispatched to study a deadly virus that has killed everyone in a tiny town. Before the virus spreads to the rest of humanity, the team must discover how to contain it. The film highlights the necessity of disease containment and quarantine in limiting disease transmission. It also demonstrates how a pandemic might result in widespread terror and hysteria.

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  • The Last Man on Earth

Vincent Price plays the only human on Earth who is immune to a fatal virus that has killed out the rest of humanity in this 1964 picture. He must devise a means of surviving and establishing a new society. The movie underlines the significance of isolation in preventing illness transmission. It also demonstrates how a pandemic may cause isolation and sorrow. It also makes you think about what it means to be human. The Last Man on Earth also serves as a reminder that we are all susceptible to sickness.

  • Panic in the Streets

Richard Widmark plays a doctor who must identify the root of a terrible pneumonic plague before it ravages New Orleans in this 1950 thriller. The movie depicts how rapidly a pandemic might spread and how critical it is to contain it. It also demonstrates how terror and mayhem might result from a pandemic. A pandemic, it claims, can make us question our humanity. It’s also a good film to see if you want to see how a city might respond in the event of a pandemic.

  • 12 Monkeys

Bruce Willis plays a man who is sent back in time to stem the spread of a terrible virus that would eventually kill the majority of humanity in this 1995 picture. The film provides a fantastic depiction of how a pandemic may lead to isolation and sorrow. It also prompts reflection on what it means to be human. It also has the advantage of being a fantastic film, despite its pandemic topic.

  • The Stand

Another adaptation of Stephen King, this time for television. The Stand tells the true story of a disease that wipes out the majority of humanity, leaving just a few survivors to reconstruct civilization. It’s a fantastic depiction of how a pandemic may upend humanity and make us question all we thought we knew. It’s also a fantastic novel, with well-developed characters and a gripping premise.


Eventually, the movies about pandemics described above will change your viewpoint. They’re thrilling, exciting, and make us hesitant to leave the house. Each film has the ability to inform audiences about the realities of a pandemic and its consequences for humanity.