Why Are CPR Certificates Valid For 2 Years?

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Why Are CPR Certificates Valid For 2 Years?

CPR is a crisis medical process that must be performed when a person has a cardiac arrest and is having difficulty breathing naturally. CPR consists of chest compressions along with mechanical ventilation.

CPR is a useful life-saving technique as it creates an effort to manually preserve and keep brain function intact until further critical measures are taken to correct circulation and respiration to a person in a life-or-death situation who struggles to breathe.

Understanding how to perform CPR on a person is undoubtedly a valuable skill and should thus be kept up to date. Thus, after heartsaver cpr aed online training, CPR certificate necessarily requires revival or revival of the diploma after a specific period after receiving the certificate to sustain its reality actually after its expiration date.

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How long are CPR certificates valid?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a certification procedure that qualifies someone to provide CPR to others who require it in emergencies and other circumstances. This approach includes satisfying all the necessary activities to complete CPR.

CPR Certification is a first aid course that may be extremely helpful in unforeseen emergencies, which can be completed through specially designed courses at:

  • an authorized hospital;
  • medical institutes;
  • training centers; 
  • other similar organizations that offer this certification course to people.

Knowing how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be helpful in several career areas, such as childcare, industrial maintenance work, or any job related to the medical field.

It should be noted that CPR certification means that the person holding the certificate has completed formal CPR training provided by a reputable medical institute or training center and passed the CPR exam to become CPR-certified. To achieve this, all steps must be followed to perform CPR properly.

However, be aware that CPR certification is not a lifetime certificate. It must be revived if one wants the certificate to continue. The CPR certificate remains valid for 2 years after successfully completing the course.

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Why do CPR certificates last so long?

Cardiac detention is one of several heart problems that can cause the heart to stop pumping blood, which can be fatal. However, with some manual stimulation of the heart, it can be revived, and a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest can be put out of harm’s way due to cardiac arrest.

CPR involves condensing the victim’s chest to get his or her heart to beat again. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is often combined with CPR to rescue many people’s lives worldwide. Thus, in an emergency, a person with knowledge of CPR can be accommodating in stabilizing a critical condition until an ambulance arrives.

CPR certification may be mandatory for specific individuals. This includes lifeguards, doctors, nurses, licensed medical personnel, etc. In some organizations, even teachers, counselors, etc., are needed to obtain CPR certification, as it may come in handy someday.

Thus, the average citizen of any country may not be required to have a CPR certification. Still, it is always good to have one as it can make a person lucky enough to save their life with the understanding gained in a CPR certification study.


Since CPR is a method that may be operated to save lives, it must be done correctly. Thus, once a person receives a CPR certification after save a life cpr training, it only lasts about 2 years. To facilitate its renewal or recertification, it may be necessary to re-demonstrate the correct CPR technique to ensure that it is performed correctly using proper techniques.

After the certificate passes, the renewal process takes little time. This is usually done quickly, as the person already has the knowledge and skills to perform CPR. Thus, updating this skill only needs to be updated to ensure they know all the steps to perform CPR properly.

Thus, CPR certification lasts about 24 months from the moment of successful completion CPR course.