Basketball Court Flooring And What You Should Know? 

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Basketball Court Flooring And What You Should Know? 

Having a good basketball court flooring is one of the most important factors for improving the playing experience.

But how should we decide which basketball court flooring is better? What properties do we have to look for before we install basketball flooring?

If you have questions like these, then keep reading. Because in this brief article, we are going to discuss in detail the features which may decide the best basketball court flooring. And at the end of these features, we’ll give you a basketball court flooring that has almost all these features.

So tighten your seatbelts because we are going to get started!!!

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What to look for in basketball court flooring?

There are multiple features that people look for in basketball court flooring. But out of these features, we have narrowed down the list and sorted out the 7 most important ones. Now we are going to have a detailed look at these 7 features. So make sure you keep your focus, folks.

1. Durability

The first thing that everyone wants in basketball court flooring is its durability. Some people are even willing to spend their fortune on basketball flooring. But there are none who want to see their court flooring crumble as soon as they install it.

But what makes a basketball court flooring wear out earlier than expected? It’s mostly the choice of material. For example, hardwood is widely used for making indoor basketball floors.

But have you ever seen any outdoor basketball court with real wooden flooring? I bet you didn’t.

That’s because real wooden flooring is heavily affected by the changing weather. It’s not waterproof or humidity-proof.

So if you are installing basketball court flooring, you must consider whether it’s durable.

2. Cost

The next thing most people look for is the cost of the flooring. The cost of basketball court flooring includes two factors. The first is the installation cost, and the other is the maintenance cost. If the installation cost is minimal, but the material requires pricy maintenance, then it’s still a no for most people.

On the other hand, if the installation cost is high but the maintenance cost is little to none, this kind of court flooring is more popular.

Some materials compromise on other features, but the cost is so low that it’s manageable by most people. The prime example here is Standard Asphalt court flooring.

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3. Easy maintenance

The next factor to consider for selecting a good basketball flooring is its maintenance. If the material that is used to make the flooring requires heavy maintenance, then it’s not liked by many people.

This is the reason why people are converting from real wood to the new-generation synthetic wood developed by VMKON. This synthetic wood, called Macwood, requires negligible maintenance. You just need some regular cleaning. On top of that, you also don’t need to worry about using water for cleaning purposes; this material is water resistant.

4. Ease of installation

Now the ease of installation also matters when selecting a basketball flooring. Not many people can handle the complicated process of installing a wooden basketball floor.

This is why some people prefer concrete or asphalt flooring, especially outdoor courts. And to level up this floor, you can put a layer of rubber flooring that comes in the form of interlocking tiles.

Gamechanger+ is exactly what’s needed here. It’s a rubber flooring material developed by the same company VMKON. This FIBA-certified level 1 flooring is all-weather durable and has minimal abrasion risk. The installation process is as easy as getting the interlocking tiles and just connecting them over the concrete or asphalt floor. And your top-class basketball court flooring is ready, no matter indoor or outdoor.

Alt Text: Gamechanger+ interlocking tile for basketball flooring

5. Appearance

The appearance of the basketball court flooring is also important. This is especially focused on during international basketball tournaments. And traditional Maple Hardwood flooring takes a big lead in this aspect.

The natural color of wood greatly attracts the audience. This is the reason that the vinyl and rubber court floorings are also preferred in the wooden color.

Even if you are not using a wooden floor, you can still use acrylic paints to make customized logos and lines on the court flooring. 

6. Shock absorption

The last thing we deemed important for any basketball court flooring is its shock absorption ability. This is one of the most important factors that directly affect the game of basketball players. If the court flooring has excellent shock absorption, then it’s seen that the players experience less strain on their body and doesn’t fatigue easily.

The material that is used for making the flooring reflects its shock absorption. In this regard, Maple Hardwood is especially popular as it offers one of the highest shock absorptions that you can get from any material.

But there is another technique that is used to increase the shock absorption of basketball court flooring. It’s to install a subfloor and then install your flooring from wood.

Now, after all this talk about features of the basketball court flooring, most people easily conclude that wooden court floors are better than the rest. But the question is, which wooden basketball flooring? Real wood or synthetic one? Let’s see what our experts say.

What’s the best Wooden basketball flooring?

Multiple types of wood are used to make the basketball court flooring. But the new-generation synthetic Macwood outcompetes all other types. This innovative material brings the original appearance and other features of real wood on top of many other unique characteristics. Especially its minimal maintenance cost and low damage risk.

On top of that, the waterproof, humidity-proof, insectproof, and mildewproof nature of synthetic Macwood makes it perfect for Outdoor basketball flooring.


  • What is the best basketball flooring for outdoor courts?

Multiple materials are used for making the outdoor basketball court flooring like concrete, asphalt, or synthetic Macwood. But the best out of them is definitely the Synthetic Macwood Flooring which bring the original wooden playing experience to the outdoors.

  • What is the most common indoor basketball flooring?

Most indoor basketball courts have wooden flooring. Even the National Basketball Association (NBA) states that its stadiums are made of wood.

Final Words

If you want to really enjoy basketball, then having a top quality flooring of the court is a must.

In this brief guide, we have discussed which features make a basketball flooring better than the others.

And if you want to cut short, then look for the synthetic Macwood flooring that easily fulfill all of your requirements.