Which Honda Bike Can Get Maximum Resale Value in India?

Charlotte Miller

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Honda bikes in India have been popular for a very long time now. The bikes from Honda have been ruling the two wheeler market in India in just about all pricing segments.You can see a lot of Honda bikes on the streets all around you. And chances are, you are planning to purchase one for yourself as well!

Now a common concern for a lot of people while purchasing a bike has been the bike’s resale value. And of course, the resale value of a bike should be an important aspect when you decide upon a bike. After all, you would always want to upgrade your bike rides. At such times, you would want to get the best value for your old bike so you can invest that money into your new bike.

Hence, if you were wondering which Honda bike to buy that would give you the best resale value, we are here to help you out!

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Which Honda bike in India will give you the maximum resale value?

The Honda bike known for its amazing resale value is Honda Shine 125. The bike has been pretty popular, both as a new bike and as a second-hand one. The features and specifications of the bike are some of the best in its class, hence the amazing resale value it gets!

The two wheeler market in India has been recently taken over by the sub category of used bikes. People are now preferring the purchase of second-hand bikes over new ones, thanks to their much lower prices and the availability of bikes in great conditions. The companies are now banking upon this new sector to get the best values for their bikes. Hence, it’s only normal that you would want the best value for your bike as well, at the time of its resale.

Of course the resale value of your Honda bikes would depend upon a lot many other factors as well. The condition of your bike, the number of kilometers you rode it for, all come into consideration when deciding the resale value of the bike.The number of years you use the bike for, is also a determining factor. But all in all, the Honda Shine 125 has been recorded to get the best resale value, taking all those parameters into consideration.

Further, we will talk about everything that makes the Honda Shine 125 the amazing bike it is. These features and specifications are also the reason behind its high resale value.

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What makes the Honda Shine 125 bike so special?

The Honda Shine 125 price starts at about Rs. 72K (ex-showroom price in Delhi), is a 125 cc bike that is one of the mid range bikes in India. It is one of the best bikes in the segment and one of the highest selling bikes in India made by Honda.

The bike is targeted towards people who need an affordable and feature rich daily commute, which can perform well especially on the city roads. And that’s what the bike delivers.

The design of the Honda Shine 125 bike is beautiful and made to enhance the performance of the bike. The build quality of the bike is great for the price you are paying and is comfortable to handle.

The 125 cc engine gives a great delivery with a maximum power of about 10 bhp and a maximum torque of 11Nm. The fuel economy of the bike is great as well, providing a mileage of about 55 kmpl. The bike comes with a fuel tank with a capacity of 10.5 litres.

The bike also comes with a combined brake system of the front and rear brakes, with drum brakes on both ends. The brake system keeps the rider safe against road irregularities.

All of these features, and many more, come together to make the bike as wonderful as it is. This is why you can get a resale value of about Rs. 68K for your Honda Shine 125 bike.


It is always a good idea to decide upon a bike after checking its resale value, especially if you are planning to upgrade your bike within a few years. To get the best resale value of your bike, try to keep your bike in the best condition possible, with minimum harm to the bike. Take your bike for regular servicings to keep it healthy. And, getting a Honda Shine 125 just makes it easier for you to get the best resale value!