When Do I Need to Hire a Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

Charlotte Miller

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Running a company may not always be smooth sailing and despite all your best efforts, disputes can arise. When it comes to dealing with legal disputes in your business, you’ll need to consider hiring a commercial litigation lawyer.

Starting a business in any country requires following certain legal protocols and this is no different if you’re a business owner in Australia. When there’s a business dispute in your company, turning to the commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne business owners are hiring may be your solution too. 

Read on to find out what is commercial litigation and when will you need to hire this type of lawyer. 

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What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation refers to any legal dispute that takes place within a company. These business-related disputes can be brought about by other business entities or individuals working within your company or dealing with your business. 

Different types of commercial litigation can include:

  • Financial claims because of a contractual dispute
  • Monetary damages because of insurance, land, real estate and lease disputes
  • Debt collection disputes
  • Disagreement between the employer and employee
  • Disputes with a business partner or shareholders
  • Intellectual properties disagreement
  • Personal injury claims made against the business

Another area where commercial litigation can take place is in family-run businesses. It’s essential to call on a legal expert dealing with commercial laws to handle what could be a volatile and emotional situation.

When you’re facing any of these types of legal disputes you need to hire a commercial litigation lawyer. These experts are well-versed in both local and international commercial laws

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What is the Role of the Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

A commercial litigation lawyer is trained to handle all commercial legal disputes. They have the skills and knowledge to give business owners expert legal advice while offering a range of resolution solutions. Legal disputes can become costly and the right commercial litigation lawyer will always seek out a resolution first to prevent a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

Business litigation can be handled in the following alternative ways:

  • Both parties involved in the dispute will be heard by a neutral party and a decision will be made about the way forward.
  • A mediator can be called in to hear both sides involved and mediate the discussions between the parties. Negotiations could take place at this stage and a decision may be reached. 

A commercial litigation lawyer plays a vital role in managing the abovementioned scenarios. They can ensure that your legal rights are adhered to while preventing the risks of a lengthy and costly litigation case. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

A commercial litigation lawyer won’t only try to find a resolution as quickly as possible. They’ll also guide you through any commercial litigation process should there be no resolution between the parties involved. Hiring a commercial litigation lawyer who is well-trained to handle legal commercial disputes also includes the following benefits.

Protection of Your Business Interests

Whether you like it or not, business disputes can become emotionally messy. A commercial litigation lawyer can remain neutral and objective, giving you the best advice according to the laws and the facts on hand. In this way, your business interests will be protected within your legal rights as the business owner. 

Commercial Law Expertise on Your Side

Unless you’ve trained yourself to know the ins and outs of commercial law, you’re going to be faced with information, documents and paperwork that won’t make sense half the time! A commercial litigation lawyer has the expertise and knowledge to deal with commercial law and can advised you throughout the process. 

Help You Make the Right Decision

When you hire a commercial litigation lawyer, you’re dealing with an expert who knows what decisions need to be made and when. It’s recommended to consult with such a lawyer as soon as you find yourself facing a commercial litigation case. This way, your lawyer can decide from the onset which approach to take. This could include deciding whether to proceed with a legal dispute, take the matter to court or seek a resolution. 

Client-Focused Approach

Hiring a commercial litigation lawyer to handle your legal disputes means you have an expert who will assess your situation and find the best approach suitable for you and your business. Your lawyer should have a clear and informed understanding of your business at all times. This client-focused approach is essential when you want to reach a quick and cost-effective outcome while protecting your business legal rights at all times. 

Final Thoughts

Business laws are designed to ensure you and your company operate within the country’s regulations. Ensure you fulfill these legal requirements so you’re protected should you ever face a legal dispute as a business owner.

Every business owner wants to avoid commercial litigation. However, it’s not always possible and hiring the right lawyer is essential for an amicable and cost-effective outcome.

While there are alternative ways of handling commercial disputes, getting advice from specialists trained in commercial litigation is highly recommended. This way, you can work towards finding a resolution before heading to the courts or harming your brand’s reputation.