VPS vs. Cloud Hosting: What’s right for your new website?

Charlotte Miller

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If you are looking for a dependable and credible web hosting in Pakistan for your website, it is absolutely crucial for you to understand the difference between VPS and Cloud Hosting. By all accounts, it might seem like regardless of which one you pick, you’ll in any case get what you need… which is partly evident. Both are strong hosting choices. But at the same time, with regards to picking between the two, neither one is a perfect fit for all solutions.

In the case where you pick one that isn’t appropriate for your particular requirements, you may wind up overpaying. Then again, you may get a plan without adequate assets, compelling you to do much more work later only making you end up switching to an alternate host. Therefore it is necessary to comprehend the pros and cons of each. 

  • PROS and CONS of VPS Hosting


There are numerous reasons you may pick VPS hosting.

  1. You easily get access to all the settings: In many cases, you’ll have significantly more control with a VPS. Just as being able to see every single hidden record and approach all settings, root access is commonly available. In case there is something you cannot get your hands on, your hosting company is most likely bound to make a change for you.
  2. You have more distributed and allocated resources: Since you are paying for the bigger portion of the server, you get all rights and control to more of the server’s resources as compared to a shared hosting. 
  3. It is fairly Versatile:  As you feel the need for more resources, you can always upgrade your plan which should be possible without moving your site to a totally different server. However, you will be compelled to switch the server when it runs out of space due to its limited resources. 

By and large, VPS hosting is affordable enough, albeit absolutely not as economical as cloud hosting.

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While you have some flexible advantages, there are additional focus points you ought to consider prior to bouncing right in.

  1. Security is not actually ensured: Since you’re sharing a server, there are high chances your site might be influenced by what others on the server do, particularly in the event that they get hacked. Despite the fact, there are many hosting companies that give first rate security that complements your own security system.
  2. Not as versatile: It’s additionally imperative to look at that as a VPS doesn’t scale just as cloud hosting. This is on the grounds that VPSs have limited resources, as recently referenced, which means traffic floods can be an issue.
  3. Not so reliable: When it comes to picking a VPS or cloud hosting, a VPS is less dependable than cloud hosting since, in such a case that the actual server crashes, at that point each VPS on that server will go down.
  4. You are actually sharing a server: Speaking of sharing servers, despite the fact that a VPS has plenty of room, you’re actually offering an actual server to different clients. This implies you might not get hands on the entire resources you need. The resources you have are limited, which additionally implies there is a fixed degree of execution you can anticipate.
  5. Too many technicalities can be an issue: Whether you go for a managed or unmanaged VPS, they once in a while require a decent amount of technical skills, knowledge and abilities. Albeit, a few hosts are easy to use, so make certain to make a note of this as you continue looking for a hosting if this is something that is essential to you.

It is essential to take note that if you go for an unmanaged VPS plan that you may not be able to gain enough assistance from the technical support compared to a managed VPS hosting. 

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  • PROS and CONS of Cloud Hosting 


Most people think of Cloud Hosting to be the popular option available for hosting websites worldwide (now even for WordPress hosting Pakistan), and it has its reasons for it. 

  1. Versatile: If you ever require more accessibility and resources to more data transfer capacity, you can get it automatically.
  2. Unwavering quality and reliability: Your site will load quickly, and can be consequently moved when more resources are required. Along these lines, your site is much more averse to going down. In case that one of the physical servers in the bunch fizzles, it doesn’t mean your site goes down. On this occasion, different servers will step in to show it.
  3. Flexible Pricing: With cloud hosting, you pay just for what you really use. This is not normal for VPS hosting where you’re paying for the whole space on a server, regardless of whether you don’t utilize it.


While Cloud Hosting has its advantages, there are a few drawbacks as well:

  1. Requires technical skills and abilities: Cloud hosting can prove to be difficult to set up even for most technical minded developers. Therefore it can be a problem for beginners. 
  2. Security isn’t ensured for cloud hosting: Since resources are shared, your sight might be influenced by what happens to other sites on the same hosting. This increases the vulnerability of your site to hacking. 

While it relies upon the cloud hosting company, you might not get access to each resource VPS hosting offers — for instance, root access or other progressed settings. Yet, there are a lot of Cloud Hosting companies that have these resources promptly accessible.

  • When to use VPS or Cloud Hosting?

If you are looking for more than a thousand visitors a month while running more than one site along with multiple plugins and pages, then VPS is a suitable choice. It can also support a WordPress multisite that needs to run custom scripts and plugins. This web hosting is more suitable for new companies that do not see themselves growing too rapidly but require a complex site. 

On the other hand, Cloud Hosting is more desirable for bigger WordPress sites or networks that wish to post tons of content and generate traffic in bulk. Companies and networks as big as Netflix and NASDAQ make use of Cloud Hosting. 

Now with managed Cloud hosting providers, even small businesses have a chance to afford the same benefits with reliable Cloud Hosting plans in affordable pricing. 

In the end, there’s no rigid guideline that can assist you with choosing these two sorts of web hosting in Pakistan. The explanation being that each site, business and hosting company is unique and offers flexibility in its plans. That is the reason it’s fundamental to choose what’s best for your website or business.