What Should I Do in Order to Prepare for My Roof Replacement?

Charlotte Miller

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Depending on the type of roof you have, you can expect them to last anywhere between 20 to over 50 years. So even if you’ve only just recently moved into your house, there’s a good chance you need a roof replacement already, especially if it’s showing signs of extreme wear and tear.

In that case, you might’ve done some research to find the best roofers around, perhaps even looking into the top 10 best options on a comparison platform like Top10.com. This website provides useful lists covering a wide variety of products and services, aiming to save you time. You’ve set a date for your roofing project; now what?

If you’re getting a roof replacement soon, then you’ll want to prep your property so it’s easier for the pros to work. Here’s what you need to do to accommodate your roofing contractors!

Protect the Items in Your Attic

When they’re thinking about “how to fix my house“, not many people think of protecting the items in their attics for roof replacements. But the reality is, while the roofers are up above doing work, this can shake dust and debris loose in various places, including into your attic.

So before they arrive, you’ll want to get some tarps or drop cloths to cover everything inside. If you have anything particularly valuable in there, you might want to consider moving it into your home so it’s better protected from falling debris.

While the cloths will protect the items from being covered in dust, the dust still needs somewhere to go. Don’t be surprised if after the roof replacement, your attic flooring is covered in dust and debris. Plan on doing some vacuuming up there afterward!

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Remove Things From Your Walls

Not only will the vibrations from your roof replacement shake loose dust and debris, but also anything that’s hung up on your walls. For instance, remove your family photos and paintings, wrap them up in some paper, and put them somewhere safe.

You’ll also want to remove any decorations that aren’t secured. Even some light fixtures (like chandeliers) might need to be temporarily removed, just to be on the safe side.

Cut the Grass and Trim Your Trees

If you’ve neglected landscaping work for a while, make sure you take care of that ASAP.

The roofers will obviously need access to various parts of your house, so you’ll need to trim tree branches, especially the ones near your roof. Also, debris can hide in tall grass, so cut the grass a day or two before the roofers come. This will allow them to find debris (such as dangerous ones like nails) more easily once they’ve finished the job.

As for your plants, you won’t have to worry about them. The roofing contractors will use vinyl tarps to cover both your plants and grass.

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Remove Outdoor Items

We’re not going to lie: a roof replacement can be a messy job. Lots of small particles will be flying about in the air, so you’ll want to protect not just your indoor items, but outdoor ones as well.

Remove all outdoor furniture, decorations, plant pots, and things like bikes from your property. Not only are these tripping hazards for roofing contractors, but they’ll also potentially get dirty and damaged during the project.

If you don’t have much space to store these items on your property, it’s a good idea to rent a storage unit to safely put away all these things.

Call Your Satellite Dish Company for a Reinstallation

Do you use a satellite dish to get cable TV and/or internet? Then unfortunately, you’ll have to arrange for a reinstallation.

This is because in order to perform the replacement, the roofers will need to remove the satellite dish, as well as any other antennas you have on the roof.

While we’re on this subject, it’s recommended that you have the dish reinstalled on a nearby pole instead of your roof. Improper installation and damage can cause leaks to happen on your roof.

Keep Your Driveway Clear

On the day of the job, the roofers will need to park their vehicles on your driveway. This will give them quick and easy access to their tools and trucks.

If you usually park your cars there, you’ll want to repark them elsewhere the night before. Make sure all vehicles are a good distance away from the house and driveway since the roofers will be dumping all sorts of trash and debris. You don’t want your cars to be covered in dust or even hit by some of that debris!

On that note, if your kids usually play out in front, you’ll want to put away their toys, bikes, basketball hoops, etc. 

Turn off Your Sprinkler System

Do you have your yard on an automatic timer for sprinklers? Make sure you turn them off on the day local roofers come around! Otherwise, they won’t be too happy when they get randomly sprayed with cold water.

Not only that, but their roofing supplies will also get wet, which can compromise their integrity. So double-check you’ve got your sprinklers off in the morning!

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Arrange for Childcare and Pet Care if Necessary

Roof installations are hazardous. While it can be fun and fascinating for your children and pets to watch the contractors at work, you need to keep them at a safe distance.

If this simply isn’t possible, you might want to arrange to have someone watch your kids and pets. Or plan to take them on an outing so the roofers can focus on their work.

Start Prepping for Your Roof Replacement

If you’ve scheduled a roof replacement, then you need to prepare your property to make your roofers’ jobs easier. By following the steps we’ve outlined here, you’ll create a safe and clean environment that they’re sure to appreciate.

So get to work now! If you tackle a little bit each day, you’ll be ready by the time the contractors come and it won’t have felt like a monumental task.

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