What Desserts Are Perfect With Whipped Cream? Find Out Here!

Charlotte Miller

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Whipped cream is one of the most indulging add-ons that you can apply to most desserts. You can use it as a garnish, as a topping, a dip, or as a key ingredient for your dessert. Some even eat whipped cream straight out of its dispenser. It’s a very tasty treat, and it does not give anyone the guilt of eating something too sweet, since whipped cream is always made to have mild sweetness. You can even make one at home if you prefer to save money by buying a canister of it. Using those little cream canisters with nitrous oxide in them to whip your cream just makes it super quick and simple. If you don’t happen to have any handy you can even get them delivered to your door on demand the same day

But what is the best food that you can have whipped cream? Regardless of using it as a design, a dip, or just to make your dessert creamier, here are the best fruits and desserts where whipped cream should belong (aside from belonging in your mouth):

Ice Cream

Ice cream is already creamy and milky as it is, and is already very sweet. Adding whipped cream may seem unnecessary for some, but they go together pretty well. Whipped cream can be applied on top of ice cream to boost the milky flavor of the ice cream. Regardless of any ice cream flavor, it seems that whipped cream is a good addition to it.  

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Waffles and Pancakes

Waffles and pancakes taste much better if you use whipped cream on top of it. Some even add up the butter to their whipped cream, or some whip their heavy cream once it’s borderline butter already, then spread it all over their pancakes.


Whipped cream has been an excellent garnish to this stomach-filling treat. Whether using pumpkin, apple, or blueberry pie, whipped cream serves as a good boost in your flavor. If you also place the whipped cream right, it also serves as a picture-perfect garnish to share with your friends.


Whipped cream over brownies balances the overwhelming sweetness of most brownie mixtures. This is perfect if you want to eat as many brownies as you want. You can even use whipped cream as a dip for it as well. Some brownie flavors even use whipped cream as an inside filling for a tasty surprise on your brownies.  


Whipped cream has been a long-time companion of cakes, along with frosting, for adding extra flavor. It is also perfect as a garnish to make the cake look good. The whipped cream can also serve as a substitute for the icing, and you can use it as a filling inside the cake as well.  

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Chocolate and apple muffins are known to be excellent to have whipped cream on top of it. Those who make chocolate muffins add chocolate whipped cream to boost its already rich flavor.  


Tarts are known to have something sour on their center (depending on the fruit used). Surrounding cream around the tarty center of the tart is known to balance the sourness, along with the sweetness of the pastry.


Almost any kind of sweet fruit is excellent to have whipped cream. Oftentimes, whipped cream is used as a dip for most fruits. Bananas and strawberries are the perfect fruits to have whipped cream if there’s ever any fruit ranking for whipped cream. Some even add up bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream on top of pancakes and some cakes.  

Other honorable mentions include papayas, melons, apples, peaches, cherries, and pears. Some would even mention kiwi, as it balances its sourness. You can even use the whipped cream as a topping for fruit parfait or fruit salad. You will find the whipped cream’s mildness as a perfect add-on for all the fruits mentioned above.  


Bacon is known to be a perfect addition to almost any kind of food. You can even add bacon on top of ice cream for its sweetness to be balanced with the smoky and salty flavor of the meat. That’s why some would even go far into applying whipped cream as a dip for those who are preparing a bacon feast at parties. You can add bacon on top of whipped cream on top of your pancake, too. After all, bacon is also a perfect partner for your pancakes during breakfast.

Steaks? Not a problem!

Aside from adding butter, some would add whipped cream on top of their steaks to add some sweetness to it. Some would even use it as a remedy if they find the steak too salty, while others would turn the whipped cream close to butter to boost the beefy flavor of steaks.

How About Mashed Potato?

For steak lovers, adding whipped cream to the steak, and also into the mashed potato just makes everything creamy and excellent. If sweetness is what you prefer for this meal that’s perfect for fine dining, then be sure to prepare your  whipped cream canister  and spray it over your potato or steak.

Whipped cream is like your outgoing friend, who can always adapt to any situation and will always be there for you when needed. It has served as an excellent companion to a lot of food, and there might be more than you can think about aside from the ones listed above.