What is Tobacco Smoking Accessory? 

Charlotte Miller

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For most people, smoking is a form of activity related to pleasure and relaxation. Relaxation is relieving the person of their stress and tensions for the moment. For avid smokers, it’s a kind of support they crave during low moments of their life. And even though the person is aware of its side effects, they cannot ignore it. 

Now, speaking of smoking, avid smokers are pretty much aware of a variety of smoking accessories. But if you do not know what a smoking accessory is, you can find out about it here. 

Whether you indulge in tobacco smoking or weed smoking, or any other smoking substance, you can find smoking accessories for all. That is to say, apart from the actual smoking substance and the technique of smoking, the accessories are the same for all. The difference lies only where some prefer cigarettes, some prefer smoking pipes, and some prefer the more classy bongs. Nonetheless, if you do not already have a collection of various smoking accessories, perhaps you should start now. 

Amateur smokers might think that smoking needs only the pipe, lighter, and tobacco/weed. But if you go deep into the pleasure of smoking, there is much more to it. With the right tobacco smoking accessory, you can enjoy a great hit and achieve intense pleasure. This way, it becomes more of a ritual than a casual habit. Moreover, having a collection of smoking accessories, whether you use them or not, is also a matter of class and aesthetics. 

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Anyhow, some of the essential accessories for tobacco pipe smoking include: 

  • Lighters
  • Pipe stands
  • Grinders
  • Tobacco jars and pouches
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Pipe screen and other tools
  • Ashtrays
  • Pipe filters
  • Pipe or bongs
  • Pipe cleaning accessories like polish and washing agents

That being said, being an avid hardcore smoker, you won’t enjoy smoking without your favorite tobacco smoking pipe or bong. Concerning that, here, in this post, we will specifically discuss the smoking accessory, bongs. 

Bong- A must-have tobacco smoking accessory

As a person who indulges in tobacco smoking, you must be familiar with the word bong, whether you use it or not. But if you have not yet, it is high time to try using bong for your smoking sessions. You sure would feel the difference in smoke quality.

Bong has many names around the world. Some of its popular titles are bing, bubbler, binger, water pipe, billy, and, not to forget, hookah. To put it simply, a bong is a water pipe that supposedly cleanses the tobacco smoke for a better, cleaner, and more substantial hit. Bong and a pipe more or less do the same function. They only vary in regards to their looks and toxication effects. 

The shape of a bong is such that it comes with a small built-in bowl and another tube section. The bowl holds the smoking substance like tobacco, weeds, cannabis, or other herbs; the tube section holds water. When you want to take a hit, you have to put the substance on the bowl area and lit it up. Then the smoke emitted travels through the water tube to give you a cool and clean hit. 

In earlier days, bongs were a much simpler smoking device, but you can find many kinds of sophisticated bong pieces these days. This smoking accessory gives the user a very pleasurable smoking experience and an aesthetic feel. There are a variety of bongs in the market with varied shapes, styles, and materials. You can even find an online website that offers wholesale smoking accessory of glass bongs to its customers. 

While bongs these days are widely available in glass material, you can still find them made of bamboo, ceramic, wood, precious metals, and even plastic. Its price range is also hugely variable. Simply designed bongs cost less, whereas complicated bongs with gems and gold cost lots. Even so, they are still trendy among smokers. 

No matter how much the bong cost, its design consists of five important sections—the tube, bowl, base, carb, and lastly, the downstream. The process to use a bong is not difficult after a few tries, though. You just have to take proper care of it by regular cleaning and keeping it hygienic. 

All that being mentioned, how you enjoy smoking is still your choice—which and what type of smoking accessory you collect depends on your preference. But if you own smoking accessories, you better make good use of them. Hence, the smoking experience will be enhanced. By enhanced, it means that you will enjoy more significant hits and get higher quicker. It has also been claimed that the intoxication effect from bongs is more immediate than joint and simple smoking methods. 

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Anyhow, whichever smoking method you prefer, you must not miss out on the pleasurable experience of smoking pipes or bongs along with the usage of smoking accessories.