What is a Bachelor of Computer Application and What are its Benefits?

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What is a Bachelor of Computer Application and What are its Benefits

Bachelor of Computer Application or BCA is India’s most popular undergraduate degree program. After completing the 12th standard, students interested in computer application opt for this degree course as their bachelor’s degree program. 

Many best BCA colleges in Tamilnadu offer BCA degree programs on their campus and provide placement opportunities. 

If you are also planning to pursue a career in computer application, you should consider a Bachelor of Computer Application course. It is a UG-level course with a generally 3-year duration. The BCA degree provides the best job opportunities with an attractive salary. Thus, it becomes India’s most desired course in the computer science and applications domain. 

What do you understand by a Bachelor of Computer Applications? 

As the name suggests, it is a bachelor’s degree in the computer application domain. It is widely known as BCA. Many BCA colleges in Tamilnadu offer this degree program under a 3-year degree program. 

Bachelor of Computer Application is a professional degree course that focuses on knowledge of the basics of software development and computing applications. The BCA degree course includes database management systems, software engineering, operating systems, web technology and programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, JAVA, etc. 

Few Facts about Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Course Name Bachelor of Computer Application 
Duration  3 Years 
Types of Degree UG Level
Mode of Education Semester (6 semesters)
Basic Eligibility  10+2 from any recognised board of education 
Average Course Fee INR 10,000 to INR 50, 000 per year
Higher Education after BCA MCA, MBA, B.ed, PG Diploma 
Job Options after BCA Software Developer, Data Scientist, Web Designer, Teacher, Data Analysis  
Best BCA Colleges in Tamilnadu SMS College of Arts and Science 

8 Benefits of Studying BCA Degree Course

When students become part of the best BCA colleges in Tamilnadu, they automatically open thousands of career benefits for themselves. As you know, this era is called the digital era and all the basic to advanced work required computer applications to work smoothly.  Therefore, the demand for young professionals also increases rapidly who can work in a quickly changing digital environment. 

So if you’re planning to get into this course, here are the eight benefits you must know about the BCA course. 

  1. Never Ending Demand Course: BCA is a course that never goes out of trend. With time, the demand for BCA graduates will increase dramatically. So investing in such a course is a long-term investment that makes your career more profitable. All the best colleges in Tamilnadu for arts and science work on the same advanced model of BCA courses to meet all industry needs.
  2. Strong Foundation in Computer Science: BCA provides a comprehensive understanding of computer science fundamentals, including programming languages, algorithms, data structures, software development, networking, and database management. This strong foundation equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of computer applications.
  3. Countless Career Opportunities: In today’s technology-driven world, the demand for skilled professionals in computer applications is continuously growing. A BCA degree opens diverse ranges of lucrative career opportunities, such as software developer, web designer, database administrator, system analyst, network administrator, IT consultant, and many more. The degree equips you with practical skills that are highly valued by employers across various industries.
  4. Attractive Salary Package: If a student completed their graduation from the best BCA colleges in Tamilnadu, they surely secure the best job with a handsome salary package. The BCA fresher average earns INR 2.5 LPA. The highest salary package offered to BCA graduates is INR 5 LPA. With the increase in working experience, the package goes on and on.
  5. Globally Recognised Course: This degree course is also high in demand on the global stage, and many reputed international companies hire BCA graduates for their businesses. SMS College of Arts and Science which is one of the best arts and science colleges in Tamilnadu offers a BCA degree that is globally accepted. It opens doors to multiple career opportunities in foreign countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  6. Advanced Level Curriculum: BCA programs are designed to align with industry requirements, ensuring that you acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills. You learn about the latest technologies, programming languages, and software tools used in the industry. This industry relevance gives you a competitive edge when entering the job market and enables you to adapt to evolving technologies throughout your career.
  7. Versatility and Transferable Skills: BCA programs emphasize problem-solving, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and programming skills. These transferable skills are highly valuable and can be applied not only in the field of computer applications but also in various other industries. BCA graduates often possess strong communication, teamwork, and project management skills, making them adaptable to diverse work environments.
  8. Pathway to Higher Education and Specialization: Pursuing a BCA degree can serve as a stepping stone to higher education and specialisation in the field of computer applications. After completing your BCA, you can pursue MCA, B.ed, MBA or other PG programs to further enhance your knowledge and expertise. Specializing in areas like AI, cybersecurity, data science, or mobile application development can open doors to advanced career opportunities and higher earning potential.


Why choosing the ideal BCA college is important for better career growth? 

Choosing an ideal college is as important as choosing the right course. The atmosphere and faculty of the college has a great influence on student career. That’s why it’s important to choose the right college which has diversity in courses, skilled faculty and all the advanced amenities like WiFi, Library, ATM, Canteen, Hostel and much more. 

In this frame, SMS College of Arts & Science perfectly fits. It is one of the best BCA colleges in Tamilnadu which offer quality education along with all basic & advanced amenities.

  • The faculty of the BCA department is highly qualified and experienced. 
  • The course curriculum is updated and meets all the industry standards
  • Faculty is highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields
  • Placement opportunities guaranteed 
  • Internship program available at Campus 


BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is one of the most demanding courses of the era. It opens plenty of career opportunities for BCA graduates which makes it the prime choice for students. To get its benefits, the best BCA Colleges in Tamilnadu will help you in earning a BCA degree. 


What is the eligibility of BCA? 

For the BCA course, the student must pass their 10+2 from any Indian-recognized board of education. At least 50% marks are required for BCA admission. 

Can I do BCA with arts steam? 

Yes, you are eligible to apply for a BCA course with your arts stream. Many BCA colleges and universities accept applications with commerce and arts streams. 

What are the subjects in the BCA course? 

The syllabus of BCA covers various core subjects such as C, C++, Java (Programming languages), computer fundamentals, computer networks, computer graphics, data structures, animation, embedded systems, database management and more. 

Is BCA full of Maths? 

Yes, there is a certain amount of math in the BCA degree program but not in bulk. Mathematics (basic and advanced) C, C++,  Data structure and algorithm, Java and Microprocessor are some of the subjects that you have seen in BCA.